To build muscle size rather than strength, aim for sets of around 10 reps with a short rest of around 1 minute between sets. You need to push your muscles to fatigue, so that they are stressed enough to trigger the muscle building during recovery time. How To Gain Muscle Weight Fast There are a few things that you can do to gain muscle fast. How To Build Huge Pecs – The Critical Steps Your chest workout is probably one of your favorites.

It is vital to plan this because each muscle needs at least one full day recovery time between workouts. You must learn to do each exercise correctly in the beginning when you are learning how to build body and have somebody check your form from time to time too. This is the best combination for reducing muscle damage plus fast muscle building and recovery.
The workout breaks down the muscle and the recovery time is when it builds up again, stronger than before.

When it comes to learning how to build body and muscle mass, it is much better to have 5-6 small meals than 2-3 large ones.

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