That’s what you might think about Bodyweight training, but I will tell you right now, Bodyweight Will Build Muscle, Get you Stronger & Help You Get Rid Of Pain!
Since I was able to do 100 push ups and about 10-15 pull ups, I thought this program was gonna be easy! The Program will kick your ass and make you realize that you really are Not Bodyweight Strong! Right of the bat, the first workout got me hooked on the program because it was different, and it made me feel energized and alive afterwards! But if you are willing to not make any excuses and drop your ego so you can accept that you are weak in some areas so you can improve on them, then this workout program is for you!

There is also a 5×5 weights + bodyweight program in there that you can use in case you can’t leave the iron alone, so you still use the power of bodyweight to turn into a strong beast!
It rejuvenated my body, strengthened my joints & ligaments & made me feel even more energized! 2 key areas that one needs to have a solid foundation with in order to lift heavier weights! 2 of the big exercises in the program that helped my shoulder tremendously were handstands and inverted rows!
There is also 2 interviews with 2 bodyweight beasts & man these interviews are full of gold!

And not to mention that these interview are just damn inspiring and will make you have no excuses! So i can personally tell you that the program works IF you put the effort and dedication onto it!

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