A lean and muscular body is the ideal physical shape for any man or woman to be healthy, fit, strong and attractive-looking. There are many variables involved in the processes to get your body in optimal body composition, but improving the shape of your physique is mainly based on nutrition and training to get the right fat to muscle ratio for your body. Building muscle requires a calorie surplus and it is an anabolic process while losing fat requires a calorie deficit and it is a catabolic process. Typically, it would take a couple of weeks to months for a fat loss and muscle building program to produce significant results. To further explain, if you are using a program to lose fat that is designed to maintain all your muscles in the process this will greatly cut the amount of time you will have to spend building muscle. You should also know that it's possible to make some muscle gains during the execution of a fat loss program. Here are 8 tips that you can include with your fat loss and muscle building programs to get optimum results to improve your body composition fast. If you are overweight or have a lot of excess fat on your body it will be a good idea to lose a good amount of the fat first to reach a relatively low level of body fat before you start building muscle. You will need to include weight training in your fat loss program to maintain your existing muscles and possibly make some additional muscle gains as well. It's known that building muscle require a calorie surplus, but it doesn't mean that it will be beneficial to mindlessly consume crazy amounts of calories to build muscle mass. The more excess calories that you feed to your body beyond the amount you need to build muscle, the more fat you'll gain which would make it harder to get lean. Calorie cycling is a nutrition technique that involves consuming higher and lower calories instead of just consuming the same amount of calories everyday.
Some foods that are used to build muscle can help with controlling calories and losing fat. High Intensity Interval Training is a cardio workout method that works very good to burn fat without losing muscle mass.
Keep your weight lifting sessions intense and never miss a workout so that you'll always be using the extra calories for energy and building muscle. If you are keeping your workouts intense and working hard on a daily and weekly basis, then your caloric surplus would not result in a high level of fat gain.
If your primary goal is to lose fat, you'll also need to be lifting heavy weights to maintain muscle and possibly gain some muscle as well. Whatever amount of calories you start off eating to gain muscle can always, in the event you are gaining too much fat or not building enough muscle, change to get better results. The common way of building muscle is to have one phase for building muscle (bulking) and another phase for losing fat (cutting).
Even if you are just 1 or 2 months into a muscle building phase and you see that you are losing leanness and muscle definition you can just switch to losing fat. These are 8 top strategies that you can incorporate in your programs to build muscle and lose fat which will allow you to reach your body composition goal in due course. Plus, with most of the traditional bodybuilding and regular old strength training programs out there anymore, the one’s you’re probably still following, are just plain boring, ineffective, and honestly,going out the window! All of the people I have helped get results thus far, are SERIOUS about their training and what they want to get!
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One of the oldest and effective forms of strength training that is often overlooked and neglected is none of than Kettlebell Training. Learn all of the basic progressions and variations of the most essential kettlebell movements needed for the best results! Build up an “Iron Mind” by just though touching kettlebells and learning how to properly implement them into your program through this manual!
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In order to have the right physique for fitness, health and good looks you need less fat and more lean muscle on your body. The conflicting requirements for accomplishing the two goals makes it necessary to have different nutrition and training plans for optimum results. When the right strategies are incorporated in a nutrition and training program, you can get both results at the same time. But the amount of time and effort that is required for each phase can be tremendously reduced if each program is optimized for producing the right outcome that will be beneficial for the other goal. And if your muscle building program is designed to gain muscle without gaining fat in the process, it means you'll have to spend less time and put in less effort into losing body fat.
Whenever you supply your body with too many calories that's above it's requirement level, it's going to attempt to store the excess as fat even if you are gaining muscle.
This strategy can be incorporated in both a fat loss and a muscle building program to provide a few different benefits to your body composition. In a muscle building phase calorie cycling will provide the benefit of minimizing fat gain and losing fat during the course of the program.

So it's good to pay attention to the type of foods that you are eating for building muscle. This exercise method is very effective at burning fat, thus is much more time-efficient than lower intensity cardio. HIIT is done in short duration so it doesn't waste away your muscles, yet it burns a lot of fat calories during the workout. On the other hand, if you are eating high calories but working out at a low intensity and your workout is lacking progressive overload, you'll most likely get fat. You can also structure your weight training to maximize the fat burning effects to burn more fat.
If you start off with 300 extra calories to build muscle, keep track of your results for a few weeks. But you can use a different approach to control body fat and always keep your body at lean levels. All that appeared to be happening was I was stripping myself of my athleticism and bulking myself up to look like a HUGE bodybuilder! Sandbag training helps increase total body strength and power while also building up greater levels of mental toughness! The versatility alone of the many different ways you can use Kettlebells within your training to reach different results and outcomes is what makes this form of training so lethal and mandatory to use! He owns and operates The Strength Shop in Virginia Beach and lays down some serious strength info in this interview!
I want to have more and more people step away from the typical ways of training and break free to a much greater and more powerful form of athletic based training.
This means dedicating a specific period of time for focusing on fat loss and another period of time should be focused on muscle building.
But in order to get efficient and optimum results you'll need to have a primary goal (losing fat or building muscle) while getting some net results for the secondary goal.
These outcomes depends on a few different variables and conditions, so the concurrent results will vary among different people. Just cutting down to about 15 % body fat (for male) and 25% body fat (for female) before you start a bulking phase will pay off in many ways. One of it's top benefits is it allows for more control over calories and it's effects on the body, because you'll be providing your body with the right amount of calories at the right time when it needs it.
It involves alternating between a high intensity exercise and a low intensity exercise which you repeat a number of times to complete a workout.
Instead of just having one long bulk phase followed by a long cut phase you can alternate building muscle with losing fat in shorter cycles.
However, if you utilize all the methods and strategies that makes it possible to get simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain results from the same program, you'll be optimizing your approach for success.
But to minimize fat gain you can focus on selecting the right food sources to optimize how lean your body remains when building muscle mass.
By using a certain body fat percentage or look as a guideline you can know when it's time for switching to the other phase. The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System was created for the sole purpose of being the go-to program that people can follow to get to their highest level of fitness ever.

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