There will always be once again happen that you planned between two meals get hungry or appetite. For many people it is already sufficient if they drink one or two large glasses of water or a comparable amount of other calorie-free beverage.
This part of the article series is a kind of melting pot for some topics that would fit into it properly in any of the previous parts, but still should not go unmentioned. A coffee ( please, no sugar and just a dash of milk) can sell for some time in many hunger.

One should not forget that nicotine is a poison, even if nicotine gum as opposed to smoking does not cause cancer.
Based on your calorie target, this calculator will figure out how much protein, carbohydrates, and fat that you need to eat in each meal, constituting 30% calories from protein, 20% calories from fat, and 50% calories from carbohydrates – widely accepted as an optimal average for lean muscle mass.
You can then further develop your diet plan by adjusting each meal’s protein, fat and carb totals and watching the effect on your calorie target.
For the effects of nicotine chewing gum against hunger is stronger and exceeds most of what else I know in this direction.

Take the guesswork out of planning your calorie requirements for bodybuilding or dieting now with this six meal diet planner spreadsheet.

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