Pour the blueberry mixture all at once into the flour mixture and mix ingredients with a wooden spoon or heavy spatula for about 12 seconds.
Spoon it out, top it with some more blueberries if you wish, and eat it right away before it melts. I have to admit, this is one recipe which I have been planning for a couple weeks now, and I just keep imagining it, and visioning what it would look like, and I finally bought ALL the ingredients I needed for this, so here it is, it’s very coconut heavy! So I’ve been thinking about making some bars, and a few weeks ago, I saw a photo of this amazing looking blueberry cake or ice cream on This Rawsome Vegan Life, so I was so inspired to make something that looks like a swirl of purple in white with blueberries. For the blueberry and acai powder and cabbage juice, those aren’t necessary so only do them if you feel like it.

If you want to make the cream even more purple, add the blueberry and acai powder, then boil a handful of purple cabbage with ¼ cup water, keep cooking until the water becomes very purple.
I wasn’t gonna go home cos I NEEDED the lavender, I just had this image in my head with lavender with this recipe and we ended up arriving an hour later, and I finally bought the lavender. Spoon it out (even the last teaspoon) into a bowl, add in the frozen blueberries and fresh ones, stir it around and within a few minutes, the coconut should thicken. Allow it to cool, then measure out a tablespoon and add it to the coconut blueberry mixture.
At this point, you should see a lot of the blueberries breaking, which will give it an even nicer shade of purple.

Seriously everything on here looks sooo good and I am definitely going to try some of your recipes later this week. Well, this combination was perfect to give it that sweetness, but also it actually makes you feel that it’s healthy.

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