Historic roots of the investigation are built on claims that pathogenic zones exist at certain locations and that sleeping or spending long periods of time above them are linked to cancer, debilitating diseases of the central nervous system, chronic fatigue and general ill health. If constructional arrangements are not possible before erecting a building or before starting a reconstruction, which is supposedly the case in most instances, there are also other practical possibilities: provided that there is a will to do so, it should be possible to move beds or desk seats, in order to get them out of interference zones.
Ten allegedly qualified dowsers generally come to ten different conclusions in the same apartment or building.
Within buildings, however, evaluations are almost impossible as the measurements within walls are highly unreliable.

During the planning stage in construction of new buildings, the geopathy phenomenon should be taken into account, so as to consciously design and construct buildings and rooms in a manner that, in areas where people will stay for longer periods of time, geopathic exposure should be as low as possible.
Therefore it makes sense to consult with a competent building environment engineer who has experience, skill and expertise in these matters. For us, the mean “area-of-glow” was the best possible means for sensitively indicate stress. Such areas have been dowsed within some churches and other buildings constructed centuries or often thousands of years ago.

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