100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Fat Burner 1600mg Extract with 60% HCA (Naturally occurring Hydroxycitric Acid) ~ 800 mg per Capsule ~ 60 Vegetarian Capsules per Bottle. Only Pure Garcinia Cambogia Fat Burner 1600mg HP will be the highest potency, 2-a-day formula (so good there were to trademark it)! CLINICALLY PROVEN FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS 100% Ultra Pure, Tamarind Fruit Extract is Famous being a Natural Appetite Suppressant, Belly Fat Burner, Energy, Mood and Metabolism Booster That Works!

More and more nutritionists and doctors are recommending Garcinia Cambogia to aid patient in weight loss, an effective weight loss solution, this supplement can also offer other essential health benefits. Our clinically-proven Garcinia Cambogia extract is bound to natural 80 mg of Potassium and 80 mg of Calcium that has been clinically proved to be more soluble and absorbed than other HCA extracts.
Each 2 capsule serving of Garcinia Cambogia HP contains: 1600mg Garcinia Cambogia (fruit rind) Extract (60% HCA), 80mg Calcium, 80mg Potassium.

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