All bodyparts should be trained from a variety of angles to maximize musclefiber recruitment. The routine Peterson designed hits all the major leg musculature via traditional squatting moves performed in novel fashion. The best muscle-building workout split for most genetically average, drug free, busy guys is no split at all.
Full body workouts are the premier and logical choice for those seeking the fastest gains in size and strength.
This is how all the legends of the Iron Game trained a century ago and some very big, strong men were built on full body workouts.
Gymnasts do full body workouts and they have incredible levels of muscularity and strength.

The more muscle you can activate during a workout the greater growth stimulation you’ll receive. It’s harder to throw in some junk movements for assistance work when you need to work the entire body in one session. You’ll get a greater anabolic stimulus and burn more calories during the session when your workout consists of squats, pulls and presses than when it consist of the pec dec and leg extension.
To kick of the workout you could start with some jumps or medicine ball throws to fire up the CNS. Eventually, when you have been training properly for more than two years and have made some serious progress you could start to break up your workouts into upper body and lower body days if you really wanted to. We’ve provide both a Mass Building Emphasis version and a Strength Emphasis version of this technique.

First you have the guy who spends 45 minutes doing squats at the power rack before moving on to the rest of his hard-hitting, 90-minute quad workout. But you really should find a middle ground between the two so you train your legs with decent intensity twice a week. Start with appropriate weight for the first set and then drop 10% off the weight every set.
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