No, they won't do the work for you, but the right supplements can fuel your workout to help you develop more lean muscle mass through exercise. Creatine has had its fair share of debate in the fitness world, but the Mayo Clinic reports that multiple top-notch studies show this supplement increases lean muscle mass while improving strength. Supplements don't undergo the same rigorous testing as medications, and safety is never a guarantee.
While caffeine does not directly affect your muscles, it does provide energy to help sustain your during a tough workout.

It's a good idea to discuss supplement use and dosages with your health care provider, particularly if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant or nursing. For the best muscle-toning results, combine these supplements with a resistance training routine performed two to four days per week, working every major muscle group.
Supplements often contain multiple active ingredients, so read labels carefully to understand what you are taking. Always give muscles a full day's rest before training them again, and don't worry about gaining too much bulk; women don't have the testosterone required to build beefy muscles.

Never use supplements as replacements for prescription meds -- they aren't intended to treat or cure any illness.

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