We manufacture all products in a Health Canada Licensed facility under strict Good Manufacturing Practices GMPs. ProteinCo Canada manufactures the Best Protein Supplements in the business due to superior Value, Quality and Results. Capiplex is the new fat burner from the UK that was released into the over the counter market at the end of 2009.

In the first 6 months of its existence it has sold over 1 million units worldwide and is becoming the best selling diet of this year even eclipsing sales of Alli Orlistat. Clinical trials at the University of Oklahoma has shown adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos. The British media not known for its kindness and positivity have pretty much given Capsiplex the thumbs after an article written in a daily newspaper calling Capsiplex the miracle fat pill.

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