Ever since I was a child, the thought of eating animals was very difficult for me, even without knowing about poor farming practices. Above all, it’s important to remember that you are the best judge of your own health.
I used to constantly be sick—sinus infections, coughs, stomachaches and so forth—but since giving up dairy and wheat, I haven’t felt healthier.
The summer of sophomore year in college I had a crazy outbreak of a rare form of psoriasis, which led to scaly bumps all over my body.

Absent some rare disease-specific diets, every mainstream diet out there advocates eating lots of vegetables. Every diet has some accomplished physician backing it up or some story about how it’s backed by human evolution.
It’s not contagious.” My personality is outgoing enough for that approach, but you have to find what way works for you.
I know that my condition is directly linked to stress, so I’ve had to give up some hobbies that I find tiring for time to relax, but now with my exams coming up, I worry that my skin is going to get a lot worse.

Unfortunately I am a bit of perfectionist at my work meaning that coursework usually takes me a long time to get done!Any advice or help would be appreciated!If it helps, the stuff I use is a moisturiser (Diprobase) and Alphosyl HC cream for my face and body, Dovonex ointment for particular areas with thick plaque, Betamethasone scalp application at night, and Capsaal shampoo. However, what I want to know is how I can cope with psoriasis, not necessarily how to treat it (although any solutions offered are welcome!).Thanks for the answers so far, very helpful!Wally G mentioned about the overreaction of the immune system, which reminded me.

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