Snacking the Healthy Way With Two Veggie Snacks A delicious way to get a crunch from your favorite vegetables.
Six Tasty Tostado Dinners For Under 200 Calories Try a variation on the bean and cheese tostada for a light and healthy dinner any time of year. Healthy Super Bowl Snack – Roasted Garbanzo Beans A healthy snack option with a variety of flavor choices. Most of these are nutritious, but also allow for a few fun snacks to appease your pregnancy cravings.

It is very easy to forget about all the negative things in pregnancy once you hold your baby for the first time. This was the case for me, at least.This being my second pregnancy, I am yet again reminded how long 9 months really lasts. Healthy and careful eating, lots of water, and exercise are not only important for you, but the baby inside you as well. The books I own, and the websites I read weekly, indicate the importance of a healthy weight gain.

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