India is a country revered for centuries for its deepest insights into the nature of life and the knowledge and techniques of uniting the mind and body to achieve the supreme value of health and fulfillment in the earthly plane. Many of the secrets of the original Ayurvedic practitioners are lost in time, but there still remain records of amazingly effective ways to build muscle, improve overall health, and manage stress.
Ayurvedic sages knew ancient truths about the body that we are only beginning to rediscover now. Vidari Kandi - this promotes the healthy growth and maintenance of muscle tissue and the nervous system and also is known to improve reproductive functioning in both men and women.

Brahman Whey includes a specially-devised blend of these herbs based on ancient Ayurvedic indications. Now, you can reap the benefits of the ancient Hindu medicine of Ayurveda with Brahman Whey, a whey protein supplement created based on the lost wisdom of the ancient gurus.
Now, you can enjoy these health benefits in a protein powder designed using the wisdom of the ancient Hindu medicine of Ayurveda. Brahman Whey is a nutritious protein powder with herbs added in a combination to improve the body's ability to manage stress, increase muscle mass, and function efficiently.

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