Waist circumference is a variable that reflects individual changes in body fat percentage fairly well. Subcutaneous abdominal fat is hard to mobilize; that is, it is hard to burn through diet and exercise.
In terms of health, excess subcutaneous fat is not nearly as detrimental as excess visceral fat. Even though excess subcutaneous body fat is more benign than excess visceral fat, excess body fat of any kind is unlikely to be health-promoting. Waist Fat relations are probably not easy to survey and extract some meanings from without some other factor being taken into account. Ned - What do you make of this research which says that thigh and butt fat are worse:The more an older woman weighs, the worse her memory, according to new research from Northwestern Medicine. A large midsection will be fat, regardless of the food source (refined wheat, table sugar etc.). Excess visceral fat typically happens together with excess subcutaneous fat; but not necessarily the other way around. From an evolutionary perspective, excess body fat impaired agile movement and decreased circulating adiponectin levels; the latter leading to a host of negative health effects. It will take over a month for a man weighing 150 lbs and with 10 percent body fat to die from starvation, and death will not be typically caused by too little body fat being left for use as a source of energy.

The one on the right is an example of visceral abdominal fat deposition, around internal organs, together with a significant amount of subcutaneous fat deposition as well. For people who are lean, a 1-inch reduction in waist circumference will frequently translate into a 2-3 percent reduction in body fat percentage. One reason for the difficulty in mobilizing subcutaneous abdominal fat is that the network of blood vessels is not as dense in the area where this type of fat occurs, as it is with visceral fat.
For instance, sumo wrestlers frequently have excess subcutaneous fat, but little or no visceral fat. In modern humans, negative health effects may be much less pronounced with subcutaneous than visceral fat, but they will still occur. The lean with a paunch one, usually at the lower abdominal area, is a particularly stubborn one.Interestingly, cortisol mobilizes subcutaneous fat, shifting it to visceral areas. The above means that those unlucky folks who have stubborn ab fat will have a harder time losing it.
Ghrelin is a major instigator of lipolysis, and it seems that lean people are always in a higher state of fat burning than obese people as noted by average higher ghrelin levels and the nightly spike.Ive recently begun experimenting going to bed in an insulin sensitive state by making my last meal in the day at 2pm.
Another reason, which is related to degree of vascularization, is that subcutaneous fat is farther away from the portal vein than visceral fat. The more health-detrimental effect of excess visceral fat is probably related to its proximity to the portal vein, which amplifies the negative health effects of excessive pro-inflammatory hormone secretion.

Dietary fat is the most calorie-dense food, and dietary fat easily gets stored in adipose tissue.Insulin in response to protein will prevent stored fat from being released (lipolysis). As far as I can see the split between muscle and fat is still based on measurements from a few bodies from the New York morgue in the early 1900's.
This means that someone with a 34-inch waist (measured at the navel) may have a lower body fat percentage than someone with a 33-inch waist. Even though it is hard to tell what body fat percentage exactly that person has.Waist circumference measurement is much better than getting on a scale, as far as body fat loss is concerned.
The solution may be to reduce the total amount of fat in meals, even if keeping the protein content intact.
McArdle, Katch, Katch is particularly bad!)There is also to my knowledge a bunch of studies in relation to visceral fat which use Diameters rather rather than Circumferences for evaluation utilizing an elliptical model for their basis rather than a circular one. I really just found out about Visceral fat and the first they they mention is how people with this type are prone for heart disease.

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