Cryotherapy is hailed as a cure-all and people are using it to get rid of all kinds of things like acne, cellulite, unwanted weight, inflammation, depression, libido problems, and body injuries. If you're looking to visit NYC or take a staycation yourself, keep reading for details about the GIVEAWAY I'm offering with Dream Hotels. I reached out to Hourglass Angel (the most well-known waist training seller online) to see if I could try their products and, of course, come to my own conclusion.
Check it out because I go into detail about why these skincare products should be in your summer gym bag STAT!

Aging lines, sun damage and sagging are major concerns of mine, and I'd like to do the most I can to prevent the visible aging process from coming on faster than it needs to.
Fact of my life: my toiletry bag + makeup bag + hair dryer and roundbrushes = most of the weight in my suitcase. Then again, the idea of spending hours--maybe even days--shopping for the perfect dress was something I just couldn't do ESPECIALLY during the height of Christmas-time shopping. My products have to be effective, easy to apply, fast working and light (on my shoulder, not just my face!).

If you live on the West Coast, keep reading because I have details on an amazing fit event happening out there as well.

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