Welcome to the 12 --week program designed to prepare you for a peak performance at the Esprit De She Duathlon.
Before we get started however, it's important that we review some of the criteria required to begin this 12-Week progression. And prior to starting this or any exercise program, be certain to have a complete physical check up with your doctor as a precaution. If you have access to a human performance lab, now is the time to get tested in order to determine your V02max and Lactate Threshold for both the bike and the run, as your results will be different in each sport.
Record your average heart rate for the 20 -- 30 minute time trial effort and this will approximate your LT. Now that you have an idea of your training zones, let's get rolling with your first four week training block! This program is designed based on the fundamental training principles of progression, periodization and specificity where the focus will be on building volume and intensity and allowing for adaptation to occur through planned recovery. As a reminder, this program can be either enhanced or reduced, according to your current fitness levels, by increasing or reducing your training volumes (duration) for each session. The strength program consists of basic exercise, is for maintenance only and should constitute a small percentage of your overall weekly training time commitment.

Good luck with your training process for the EDS Duathlon, and enjoy being in the best shape of your life! This particular program is designed for the beginner to intermediate level athlete with zero to two years of multisport experience who has a strong desire to finish the race and do their best. In other words, just as a race car driver keeps an eye on the tachometer and oil gauges, you need to watch out for signs of oncoming injury and possible overtraining.
If you don't 'feel' like training, your body is likely telling you something and that might mean its time for a day of rest.
Complex training programs, multiple training zones and excessive gadgets aren't in my vocabulary.
I encourage my athletes to follow a winter program that emphasizes full body strength training, technique development and aerobic base work. For example, if the program calls for a 60 minute 'aerobic bike ride', and your fitness is not quite to that level, then feel free to reduce the duration to 45 minutes.
It is assumed that you are 'serious' about your training and can devote about 9-12 hours per week to training. I find this brings the athlete into the pre-season strong and with a high level of motivation to start a training progression working towards their peak event.

This progression also requires that you have trained consistently over the winter with an emphasis on strength training, technique development and aerobic base building.
Assuming your base level fitness is well established, the next step is to perform a benchmark test in order to determine your current fitness and training intensities.
For this test and for the purpose of this article, we'll be using heart rate as a measure of intensity and not power.
If the training volumes described in this plan seem excessive to you because of your current level of conditioning, attempt to follow the general structure day by day but reduce your volume by about 10-20%, otherwise try to complete the workouts to the best of your ability.
While power training is highly recommend, more athletes tend to have heart rate monitors at this point in time. And if you have more experience and are aiming for a PR or top slot in your age group, you can increase your volume while using the same general structure for even better results.

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