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Whilst we endeavour to perform your surgery in a timely fashion after you are admitted, sometimes your surgery is delayed if there are unforeseen circumstances such as longer than anticipated surgical times for prior patients, or making sure that the correct instrumentation is ready for your case.
You will be seen in the preoperative holding area before the operation or earlier to have your consent checked and limb marked. You can travel at any time but there are increased risks of deep vein thrombosis during the first three months after surgery. As a general guideline, you will reach around 60% recovery by 6 weeks, 80% recovery by 12 wks.

This is advisable if you have either had a day procedure or if you are in hospital for a period of time. It is strongly suggested that you have someone stay with you during the first 24 hours or until you are able to get around safely. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will do our best to keep you informed of any delays during the day and likely revised surgical times. If you are unsure regarding your surgical time, please notify the nurse who is looking after you who can contact theatre to give you an up to date estimate.

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