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I have never in my life (and I LOVE to cook!) been so grateful for such a well-rounded cookbook. I know it’s probably not the manliest thing to say, but the Looneyspoons cookbook rules!  Harrison M. I picked up your cookbook a few months ago and we are having so much fun trying new recipes. I have been wanting to write to you to thank you for all the work you did to create such a great cookbook with loads of ideas and funny anecdotes.
This summer I was fortunate enough to use your cookbook while working for an amazing company called Active Challenge.

My husband has Type 2 diabetes, I need to lose weight and I want my kids to have the best nutrition possible. This is now the only cookbook they use, they are so happy to have easy, tasty HEALTHY recipes. Since starting, your cookbook has been a godsend and I have made close to 40 items out of it already and still going. Since I bought a copy of your cookbook, and I was not the cookbook type, I haven’t stopped reading or cooking.
Happy to say that I have lost 20lbs in just 8 weeks, my husbands diabetes is under control and my kids DEVOUR the food…they love your recipes too!

I have more energy, I’m not ashamed to be seen in public because of my weight, and I feel that I am feeding my family well for the first time in years.

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