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Flash floods had forced Mrs Tumanda, her husband and their three children - aged between three and eight - to flee their home in the city of Cagayan do Oro late on Friday night.In the lashing rain and fierce winds, the family swam through the floodwaters to a nearby three storey house, the strain and shock sending Mrs Tumanda into labour.
Rescuers from the Filipino police were able to reach them in the disaster zone on Saturday morning, and brought her through the devastation to the roof of a nearby medical centre. A woman queues with her daughter for relief goods being distributed at an evacuation centre. Mr Nyunt-U has appealed to the international community for $28million in aid for the region.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cradling her twin boys in her arms, the world's oldest mother confidently proclaimed that longevity ran in her family. But just two and half years on, Maria Carmen del Bousada's boasts have been proved sadly wrong.
The 69-year-old, who admitted lying about her age to receive fertility treatment in the U.S, has died from cancer. Her death will reopen the debate about whether older women should be allowed to undergo fertility treatment.

After the birth she admitted lying about her age and predicted she would live to 101 as her mother had done.
But in December 2007 she admitted that she had a 'very serious illness', thought to have been breast cancer. Miss Bousada, who has never been married, decided to have children after her mother died in 2005.
Last night Miss Bousada's death led to renewed criticism of the availability of fertility treatment to older women. Adriana Iliescu, a Romanian who gave birth at 66 in 2005, said she was pained to hear of Miss Bousada's death.
A senior UN official today warned that outbreaks of disease could ravage survivors packed in their thousands in evacuation centres. Local funeral parlors no longer accepting bodies, overwhelmed with the masses of dead still being retrieved from the sea or mud almost a week after the disaster.
He said he was hopeful donors and foreign governments would respond to the appeal despite the global economic crisis.
They will now be raised by one of her nephews, the son of her brother Ricardo.Miss Bousada died on Saturday in her home town of Cadiz, south-west Spain, after battling cancer for most of their short lives.

Critics, including her own family, called the pensioner, who went through the menopause 18 years before her A?20,000 treatment, 'selfish and irresponsible'. She is now just another of the 640,000 who have had their lives ripped apart by the disaster, according to United Nations estimates.
About 45,000 displaced are inside makeshift refugee camps, most of them in worst-hit Iligan and Cagayan de Oro cities in the southern Mindanao region. An appeal launched following a 2009 typhoon that killed about 500 people in Manila collected only half the funds needed.'It's the Christmas season and the willingness of the international community is high,' Mr Nyunt-U said. Aid workers were rushing in relief supplies, but a lack of running water is a major concern.

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woman gives birth to 40 lb baby

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