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Summer months are considered the most favorable for conceiving a boy, mostly due to statistical data.The longer the days and the more numerous the hours of day light per day, the higher the chances to get pregnant with a male baby, scientists say. While this theory isn’t really supported by scientific evidence, statistics do show that more baby boys are conceived during summer, so there may be some kind of explanation for this. Thus, by adopting a position that places sperm nearer to the entry of the fallopian tubes, chances for male sperm to reach the ovules before female sperm does are greater, and this means the chances of having a male baby are also higher.How To Make Sure You Have A Baby Boy By Watching Outdoor TemperatureAnother interesting theory about the best time to conceive a boy says the most appropriate moment is somewhere between September and November, when the outside temperature is around 55 degrees F or 12 degrees C. Again, there’s no scientific evidence for this, just statistical data obtained after analyzing a very large number of pregnancies and births.But even without a strong scientific argument behind it, this theory is worth being tried if there’s even a little chance for it to increase your chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy.

Obviously, if you leave in a region where temperatures are lower, any month of the year that brings the mentioned temperature is good for trying to have a male baby.How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Eating AlmondsNext tip on our list of recommendations on how to conceive a boy naturally refers to eating more almonds.
Click Here to Discover How You Can Make Sure Your Next Child Is A BoyHow To Have A Baby Boy By Eating Foods Rich In ZincYou can also try eating more poultry, nuts and beans, seeds and red meat, if you’re looking for natural and convenient solutions to how to have a baby boy. These foods, just like the previously mentioned ones, are very rich in ingredients known to favor the traveling and survival of male sperm over female sperm.The most important ingredient in these products in zinc, mineral which is needed in high amounts for ensuring a healthy reproductive system, as well as for improving the quality of sperm. It’s been proven several times that female sperm survives better in acidic environments, while male sperm in alkaline environments, so if you want to have a baby boy, you should start eating more products that can alkalinize your body.You can also try to alkalinize the vaginal tract by douching with water mixed with baking soda right before having sex.

To prepare this water, add half ounce of baking soda in the bath and sit for a couple of minutes, to allow for the alkaline ingredients to act on your body.

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when best time to conceive a baby girl

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