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If you haven’t read the book and are through having children, no need to read it before you see the movie. It was originally published in 1984, at a time when it became the norm for dad to join mom in the delivery room. The pampering is a small consolation prize for the episiotomy stitches, epidural shakes and months of sleep deprivation.
When the film ended my colleague and film critic Dan turned to me and asked, “Any Vietnam flashbacks?” Appropriate question.

For those of you who are also club members, whether you carried your baby or someone carried it for you, you will find pleasure in this film. This movie will not produce any awards but it will produce a few laughs and several tears and an hour and 40 minutes of memories of becoming a parent.
No doubt, the real prize you take home from the hospital is that incredible human being you just delivered. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Chace Crawford club tagged: chace crawford chace nate archibald crawford pictures 2012 flowerdrop pics movie promotionals.

Hospitals were spending big bucks on creating birthing suites complete with a fold out bed for dad.

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what to expect when youre expecting vodly

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