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So one should not follow your table to decide whether he would eat or not tomatoes for gaining weight. 1- you multiply LBS with a daily consumption per KG: as a result the daily consumption for a 190 pounder guy is of 270 g of proteins, which is quite ridiculous… it means eating more than one kilogram of beef a day, or 2,5 Kgs of eggs, namely 30 eggs a day !
Hi,my weight is 52 but height is 6 but I would like to gain my weight at least 2 or 3 month period any one help me teach how to gain weight and what food to eat in daily basis. Without a balanced breakfast, kids can't be expected to turn in a solid performance at school, as this poster for use in physician's offices demonstrates. Proteins help you to build muscle, carbs gives you enough energy and fat helps you to put some weight. What are good carbs to consume before and after workouts to avoid feeling lightheaded or faint?

This is something that can be effective over a short period of time, but ideally you would still consume carbs. Try and eat them a couple hours prior to your workout to give you strength and just keep a general idea of your calories to make sure your keeping a weekly calorie deficit to lose fat.
Maybe you should review and clarify your numbers and what would be the practical consequences of it (how to use them). So previous post we learned about Calories and general idea on how to gain weight easily and build muscle. You should choose food items so it varies your protein sources to get the full range of amino acids. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise!

Now this post will contain foods to eat to gain weight.  Only if you had read the earlier post (part-1) you could catch up with this.
Sadly the media and magazines have shown that protein is mainly used to repair damaged muscle tissues. Prepare a 7 times meal plan that includes breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, Post workout, Dinner, pre bed. I want to share the knowledge on how to workout properly, how to eat right when working out and to improve your health and well being.

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what to eat for breakfast if your pregnant

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