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The Pelvic Floor Muscles act like a sling for the pelvic organs (bowel, bladder and uterus) and attach from the pubic bone in front to the tail bone behind. They not only support these organs, they also control the three passages that pass through the muscles- the urethra to the bladder, the vagina to the uterus and the rectum to the bowel.
The main reason they become weak is due to vaginal delivery during childbirth and the weight of the baby on the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. Most people have heard of them but are often not sure of where or how they work and how to strengthen them. Remember though, incontinence is not purely a women’s health issue - it can affect men, especially after prostatectomy.

Physiotherapy can help after lower abdominal surgery (including hysterectomy and prolapse repairs) to improve and maintain lower abdominal and pelvic floor strength. If you are unsure if a physiotherapist is the person you should be seeing we would be happy to answer any of your queries by phone or e-mail.
The advice given on this site is of a general nature only and no substitute for a consultation with our physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will be able to help you to strengthen and re-train these muscles through the use of real-time ultrasound imaging. This will help you regain full shoulder function and movement, provide you with education on lymphodema and thus minimise the occurrence of secondary complications.

Other causes such as being overweight, hormonal changes during menopause, frequent heavy lifting and constant straining to empty your bowels will also contribute to pelvic floor weakness. This assists us is seeing how these muscles are working without having to use internal measures.

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weak uterus symptoms during pregnancy

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