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NAIROBI: A pioneering medical procedure in reproductive health offers new hope to hundreds of women with fertility challenges.
The milestone operation took place in the US, and will enable women born without a uterus, or who had theirs removed, become pregnant and give birth if it turns out successful. Kenyan medical experts have hailed the breakthrough at the Cleveland Clinic in the US, where doctors this week did a successful uterus transplant on a 26-year-old woman. The nine-hour surgery was the first of nine such authorised procedures at the clinic on patients with uterus complications, creating new hopes of advances in reproductive health.
The patient, who was not named to protect her privacy, had a condition known as uterine factor infertility, where women are either born without a uterus or suffer irreversible uterine damage thus cannot get carry a pregnancy to term. According to the team of doctors headed by Dr Andreas Tzakis, the uterine transplant will be temporary because the uterus must be removed after the recipient has had one or two babies, so she can stop taking anti-rejection drugs for life. However, he expressed caution that it would take more advances in science to ensure both the mother and child are well monitored.

Fertility specialist Prof Koigi Kamau also hailed the uterine transplant adding that it would give women with uterus abnormalities a fair chance to carry their own children if the procedure proves successful. This is great news to the female fraternity given the number of women who cannot conceive due to medical conditions. Prof Kamau said some of these conditions include blocked fallopian tubes, fibroids and other abnormalities of the reproductive health system as the most prevalent causes of infertility in Kenya and larger Africa.
However, Prof Kamau pointed out that it could be years before the uterine transplant is available in Kenya. The big announcement came in a preview clip for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that first aired Sunday night.
Say what you will about Kim and Kanye (and their ability to make the most press out of every moment of their personal lives), but I’m happy for them.
But there are other options like medicines, surgery to unblock fallopian tubes and remove fibroids and in vitro fertilisation that are equally promising.

Back in January when their eldest was 20 months, they had already been to fertility doctors for “infertility”? It took almost to 18 months to concieve our angel, and then I got pregnant right away, the first normal cycle after my D&C. Speaking of infertility in this case seems lacking of respect to couples who actually are struggling for years to get pregnant ..

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