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I wanted to make this post based on the fact that if I wasn't trying to conceive, I would have written this month off as an early period. Hay am having similar problems I think I ovulated between the 13th and 15Th august on the 21st I had pinkish blood on wiping myself in the morning followed by brown discharge that day only on wiping tho and the same the following day now today nothing am due in 5 days time u think this could be implanation?? 8 DPO - Cramps, extreme fatigue, tested with internet cheapie & saw a super super faint line, re-tested with second morning pee straight after FMU with FRER (early one) & faint line but there BFP BFP BFP!!!!! 9 DPO - Cramps, extreme fatigue, tested first thing & line was darker, tested again in evening & it was even darker!!!!!

8 dpo test fmu bfn [reg BD, cramps after I came!][saw mornings test later think I 'saw' some kinda ghost test line?!
9 dpo test faint faint faint fmu bfp [internet cheapie and answer early], I know only I can see it, so I don't tell anyone. So DH was about to head off to work, but as I was reading this and saw your thing with the soft cup, I had him go with me into the bedroom and fill up my Diva Cup. Same exact thing is happening with me right now (red bleeding at 6 dpo) and you have allowed me to not give up hope!

It's now completely stopped (today is 15DPO) and I'm wondering was that the shortest period in the world or was it an implantation bleed.

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trying to conceive after 7 years later

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