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Resolutions are in the air, making January the perfect time to kick that smoking habit once and for all. Going cold turkey is notoriously tough because nicotine, the main chemical in tobacco, is an incredibly addictive substance. Nicotine can make a person feel great while it’s in the body, but not so much when that person decides to quit. Tell family and friends, circle the day on a calendar, and schedule alerts into the cell phone and computer. Talk to a doctor about whether to consider nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to curb cravings Nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation.
Get rid of smoking paraphernalia and stock up on oral substitutes like gum, hard candy, and carrot sticks.
Stay active, drink lots of water, and ditch alcohol, which lowers resolve and is often associated with smoking. Try to avoid triggering activities like hanging out in bars, drinking coffee, or watching TV. Mix up your daily routine by trying out different activities and hobbies, foods, or routes around town. Sometimes you can’t avoid the people or places that may trigger you to want a cigarette.
Celebrate smoke-free milestones with small treats like a nice dinner out, a trip to a museum, a yoga class, or a new book.
Disclaimer: Although we encourage a healthy lifestyle here at Greatist, we are not doctors.
Along with learning to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, ex-smokers must find a way to deal with stress without lighting up. Even when a smoking habit is a thing of the past, it’s important to stay aware of health risks associated with cigarettes. Quitting isn’t a walk in the park, but the long-term health advantages far outweigh the struggle of fighting a nicotine addiction.
For more information and resources to help quit smoking, check out the North American Quitline Consortium, EX, The American Cancer Society, or The American Lung Association. Special thanks to Greatist Experts Jessica Magidson and Dessa Bergen-Cico for their contributions to this article. ADAM AND EVE SEED GATHERING MINISTRY - A GO TO THE HIPPOCRATES LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE END OF AGEING FUND RISING SITE!A i»?i»?i»? LINK: TO THE ADAM AND EVE WORD RESEARCH BLOG! Nicotine alters the mood and acts as a stimulant, leading to feelings of well-being, stimulated memory and alertness, increased heart rate, decreased appetite, and elevated blood sugar.

The absence of nicotine produces acute, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which can take between a few hours and a few days to set in. Knowing as much as possible about the process beforehand makes it easier to prevent slip-ups and quit successfully. Every year, 50,000 people die from exposure to secondhand smoke—meaning the decision to quit has a direct effect on the people around us.
Medications function by reducing nicotine cravings or blocking nicotine receptors (making smoking less pleasurable and withdrawal symptoms less painful). Instead, rely on a support system of friends and family who will encourage you to stay on track.
In these cases, try to prepare in advance for refraining from smoking even in difficult situations. The information in this article should not substitute for advice from a medical professional.
Many smokers do get heavier when quitting (since appetite rises again once nicotine leaves the body), but most gain fewer than 10 pounds. Keep the doctor informed about any health issues, especially lung or heart problems like a troublesome cough or chest pain. Medications and NRT can help with the physical withdrawal symptoms, but successfully quitting requires emotional support, too. The best way to successfully stop smoking is to prepare and plan for every situation so the temptation to light up never catches flame.
Every year over 392,000 people die from tobacco-related diseases and 8.6 million Americans suffer from at least one serious illness or condition caused by smoking. Withdrawal symptoms include cravings, anxiety, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, nightmares or trouble sleeping, headaches, increased appetite, irritability, and depression, which can then fuel a person to want a cigarette even more. Smoking even affects unborn fetuses: Smoking while pregnant is linked to early births, low birth weight, and birth defects like heart issues or cleft palates. For example, if cold turkey didn’t work, try using NRT or medications the second time around. Be aware of these triggers and deal with them by eating, calling a supportive friend, visiting a loved one, or going to bed. We hope this article provides some basic information for those looking into quitting smoking and helpful tips for those on the path to being smoke-free. Focus on maintaining a healthy overall lifestyle by eating well, exercising, and avoiding junk food. A new study found that people who successfully quit smoking were less anxious than smokers.

Talk to family and friends before beginning the process and set up a network of people to call or visit when cravings strike.
Talk to doctors, friends, family, and addiction specialists to figure out the best way to kick the habit and take control of your health. Consider joining a quitting program like QuitNet, Freedom from Smoking, Nicotine Anonymous, or a local program through a hospital, workplace, or house of worship. Regardless of whether a smoking habit is brand new or 50 years strong, it’s never too late to stop smoking and reap big health benefits. It can often be helpful to surround yourself with people who have also quit smoking and can provide psychological support.
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