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Pregnancy is a very important phase in the life of every woman and it is her duty to ensure that she brings the little precious new life without much trouble in to this world.
In order to facilitate a smooth delivery of the baby there are numerous exercises that have been recommended to the pregnant women but one thing that must be kept in mind is that these exercises should be brought into practice only after the consultation with your respective doctors. Everything that is taking place in your body is new and you would be in a position that you don’t have any idea as to what’s going on in your body. In case you are asthma or a diabetes patient then a word of caution to you, exercising is not advisable. The exercises that are recommended for to be mothers can be divided into categories as aerobics, rhythms, relaxation techniques and kegel exercises. These exercises include very light gymnastic movements that will help you doing child birth, reduce backaches and improve your posture.
This is one of the best recommended exercises which help you improve your concentration and focus and prepare you mentally for child birth ordeal.
These techniques prove to be very beneficial post delivery which means that it aids you recover much faster and quicker after child birth. There exist certain activities that prove to be harmful for to be mothers and some of them are listed below.Avoid activities such as jumping, skiing, skipping, running or playing basketball, football, volleyball. Now that you know the do’s and don’ts and what’s to be done during pregnancy you may think that your all geared up to start exercising .But just before that please note a few things that you need to keep in mind.
Hence, by following all the above stated guidelines you are sure that your delivery would be as easy and smooth that you want it to be. Extra calories are needed to support the nutritional needs of the baby as well as energy to fuel your body’s pregnancy. Remember to talk to your doctor about prenatal vitamins, calcium, fiber, water and other nutritional elements for a healthy pregnancy. The extra weight gain in the last trimester can cause discomfort, and many women may wonder if exercise is an option. There are good exercises that are safe to practice while pregnant, but you should talk to your doctor about any routine before you start to ensure that it’s appropriate for late pregnancy.
Other benefits of exercise are promoting better sleep and maintaining muscle tone and strength.
Maintaining an exercise regimen during pregnancy may also make it easier on you to get back into a workout routine after the baby comes.

Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or other condition that prevents you from doing exercise, it should be perfectly safe to include healthy activities into your daily routine. The level and the intensity with which you have to exercise will definitely depend on your pre pregnancy fitness. By exercising you will feel better mentally and physically, you will also increase your level of control and also boost up your energy. And also for women folks who have pregnancy related problems such as bleeding or you have had miscarriages before or a low lying placenta or a weak cervix then you should think again cautiously as to whether exercising is really needed.
But for the cyclers here an important note avoid uphill and strenuous cycling .All the exercises that are done should not in any way apply extra pressure on your uterus.
It tones your pelvic muscles and increases your vaginal strength which is very needed for your delivery. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
This will account for the weight of the baby as well as the placenta, extra fat stores, fluid and other necessary elements of a pregnancy. Most doctors can recommend some type of exercise to keep you healthy, prepare you for delivery and help to relieve some symptoms of discomfort. Heavy weights should be avoided, as well as anything that is too strenuous or causes strain on the spine. Any approved activity that can maintain good posture should also be encouraged as your extra weight may cause back, shoulder and leg pain. These benefits can help to ease discomfort, but additionally can help to prepare the body for labor.
There are typically many classes available to help women lose the baby weight and get in shape so you can keep up with your little one as they grow.
Backache is a common problem that you will face during this stage and exercising will drastically reduce the pain. That is why it is repeatedly reminded that your physician would be the best person to guide you on this aspect. If you have been having a regular exercising program prior to you becoming pregnant then it would be kind of easy to fit into the new schedule that you would be planning with your doctor. For all the swimmers avoid swimming in unhygienic conditions so as to prevent vaginal infections.

Some of the tasks that you do may involve rapid motion changes and directions .This would prove to be really fatal since they cause abdominal trauma and discomfort. This is because your uterus is pressing on the stomach, which can make you feel fuller faster. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing including supportive shoes and a good fitting sports bra will help you stay comfortable as well. And because they are specifically designed for pregnant women, they are a safer alternative to traditional workouts.
Also during pregnancy your joints and muscles would be loosened and hence exercising will reduce this wear and tear by activating the lubricating fluids in your joints. If you were a runner before then it might not be apt to continue to do the same when you’re pregnant.
These kinds of activities increase the blood circulation, increase the muscle strength and reduce the level of fat by burning calories. It will also enable you to have a good night’s sleep thereby reducing your anxiety and tension. Whatever is the exercise that you and your doc decide upon please be careful and listen very intently to your body signals and warnings.
Through exercise you can make yourself look gorgeous and give your face a glow since it increases the blood supply .Mainly one important advantage is that it prepares your body for birth and helps you to manage breath control effectively. This is due to the fact that many women may have feeling of nausea or begin to have giddiness in their early pregnancy and as the baby begins to grow in size the center of gravity changes. It also helps to keep your sugar level under control and you can also get a peaceful night’s sleep. Moreover your energy levels may drastically vary from day to day and also as the baby gains weight and starts to grow you can actually feel it pushing and exerting a force on your lungs thereby making your breathing difficult. So if your body warns you to ‘hold your horses’ and pause during exercising then please do so .Please do not ignore the signals even if they are weak in strength.

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