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You might have heard that the average American gains 5-10 pounds over the holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Yeara€™s), but the average weight gain is only 1 pound. If your first inclination is to wear the pants with the elastic waist to Grandmaa€™s house for Thanksgiving dinner, you could be setting yourself up for failure. If youa€™re worried about all the sugar, fat and carbs that will be waiting for you at the table, make a healthy side dish. Your Thanksgiving spread can still taste amazing, even without all the unhealthy ingredients a€“ or less of them.
All that tryptophan in the turkey is going to make you want to crash on the couch in front of the TV.
Worlda€™s Largest Pharmaceutical Company to be Created with $160 Billion Deal Holiday Anxiety?
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! From shampooing too many times a week to going years without a decent haircut, celebrity hairstylists Ted Gibson and Kim Kimble break down the 13 most common hair mistakes we need to stop making. Without layers, your hair won't have that magical, youthful quality that stylists call "movement." Long layers remove weight from the bottom half of your hair so your style can swing and bounce. Right now, youa€™re probably trying to avoid your kidsa€™ stash of Halloween candy, but in a few short weeks youa€™ll be trying to figure out how to indulge in your favorite Thanksgiving foods without the button on your pants flying across the room.
If you follow these simple suggestions, you shouldna€™t have to buy a brand new wardrobe in January. Make sure you eat breakfast on Thanksgiving morning and have a healthy snack before dinner so youa€™re less likely to overeat. Resist the urge to drift off to the background sounds of the football game and go for a post-meal walk.
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Are you frustrated, or feeling angry for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts? I went to sleep super late last night editing this one because I wanted to upload it for you guys the day I ended my 3 month long nail growing journey.
Over-relaxing hair: Relaxing hair that has already been processed leads to damage and breakage.
Applying heat styling tools to wet hair: When women rush to get ready, they often make this mistake. Detangling knots without patience: Minimize frustration and eliminate more knots and kinks by zeroing in on the tangled hair.
Towel-drying hair too rough: Just because you've watched movies where the beautiful blonde or brunette wrap up her freshly shampooed in a thick white towel, doesn't mean this is the right way to dry your hair. Slathering conditioner on entire head: The ends of your hair should be the focus when putting on this super-hydrating product.
Prolonging a haircut or trim: Most women's obsession with growing long hair has kept them out of the salon without a much-needed cut.
Practicing bad ponytail habits: We've all had that moment when there was not an elastic ponytail holder in reach, but there were plenty of rubber bands. Skipping nightly hair maintenance: A lot of women don't do anything to their hair at night. You dona€™t want to be completely paranoid all day, but youa€™ll be a little more aware of the fact that stuffing your face will make your belly hang out. When you reach the point where you think a€?I should probably stop now,a€? seal the deal with said breath strip, a strong mint, or even reapplying some lipstick.
Then make sure you eat some of it, so you fill up on the healthy stuff and have less room in your stomach for the mashed potatoes made with a full stick of butter.
He says, "Generally, most women do not pick the right shade for their skin tone, they over-color their hair and the hair comes out very dark on the end. But unless you follow our step-by-step guide or watch YouTube videos like Gibson's, you should leave this in the hands of the professionals. Smooth on a little conditioner before finger-combing to loosen up strands -- this lessens tears and rips up the hair shaft that often lead needing a haircut.

Towels can create a harsh friction against the hair cuticle that scrubs off leave-in conditioners and damages strands. When your scalp is covered in conditioner, you're likely to end up with a tacky film that leads to build-up. So Kimble recommends investing in a silk pillowcase or bonnet to maintain moisture and volume because cotton dries your hair out. Consider side-swept bangs if you want to make your face look a bit rounder and your cheekbones stronger, says New York City hairstylist Eva Scrivo, author of Eva Scrivo on Beauty: The Tools, Techniques, and Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs to Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self. You can even pull a Pink Panther and dump a little water on your plate when no one is looking to make it look less appetizing. Add yogurt or fat-free sour cream to make dips, mashed potatoes and casseroles deliciously creamy. Sit with the product on for a few minutes, then gently comb your hair with a medium-to-wide tooth comb.
Kimble suggests constantly moving the blow dryer with just enough tension to get the job done sans damage.
Plus, youa€™ll probably be so proud of yourself that youa€™ll have an easier time resisting that second slice of pie. If you have over-relaxed hair, use conditioners, masks and protein treatments to rebuild your hair's strength. If you want to freshen up your locks in between shampoos, use a dry shampoo or try Ted Gibson Hair Sheet Styling. Gibson adds, "We all saw the YouTube video with the girl who burned off her hair with a curling wand.

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