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On the Today Show the 64-year-old mother of seven, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, shared 10 things she wish she knew before being hit with the devastating news.
From the mouth of Joan Lunden here are ten things she’s learned since her cancer revelation.
I never understood that after you hear those words, you’re met with differing opinions about how you should go forward. Every single breast cancer is different — that’s got to be front and center in your brain. I posed bald for the People cover it because I know there are women out there who literally will say no to chemo because they’re so worried about losing their hair.
Since my diagnosis, I have switched over to eating nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods that don’t cause any inflammation in my body. When I was given an eating regimen that I was told could save my life, it became an empowering, life- saving eating program, not a diet of deprivation.
When you’re going through chemotherapy, there are a lot of needles and I’ve always been a needle weenie, but you just have to learn to get over it. Chemo doesn’t know the good cells from the bad cells, so it kills off a lot of your good cells, including those on the inner lining of your digestive tract. Always take someone with you to every appointment because it’s really hard to take it all in.

I highly recommend starting a notebook and writing down everything – not you, the person who goes with you – to keep track of all that your doctor says. You have to decide: just because it’s protocol, does that necessarily mean it’s right for you?
Hair is so part and parcel to your looks that when you take it away, it’s like someone drew a picture of you and they erased the hair.
I’m in warrior mode right now, which means taking care of yourself and believing you’re going to be OK in the end. All the garbage food that I ate along with every other American —processed, refined foods — I now look at it with eyes wide open. I also look for dark purple fruits and vegetables, like red cabbage, eggplant, beets, blueberries and blackberries.
I stood in the aisle at Whole Foods one time and looked at 20 jars of spaghetti sauce and only two of them did not contain sugar. I went and got a port put into my upper left chest so that they could give me all my chemotherapy that way. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
And when the sexual … keep reading6 Celebrity Mom Bloggers Looking for Contributors for Their WebsiteIf you're looking to gain more exposure for your blog, or bring in … keep reading8 Celebrity Moms Who Own Companies That May Be HiringHave you ever dreamed of working for a well-known celebrity? At one point, it’s tossed back into your hands and ultimately, you have to make the decision about treatment.

But after reading about a woman who had died from triple negative breast cancer, I thought, I need to get everything in my life in order.
There’s just nothing normal about your digestive tract, but the cleaner you can eat – cutting out refined, processed, foods – that’s what allowed me to live normally. One day, my oncologist looked at me and said, “You walk in here and I ask you how you’ve been doing and you tell me, ‘I’m doing great, I played tennis, I did this, I worked out’ and then I look at your numbers and your white blood cell count is down.
I’m such a Type A, go-go-go kind of person that whenever I’m tired, I really don’t stop to think about it, I just push through. But at some point, my hair is going to grow back and I’ll bet you that a year from now, I’ll look back on this as like a little curve in the road.
Anyone going through chemotherapy should absolutely talk to their doctor about getting a port.
I have found my strength in my family and my friends and they have just been completely amazing.

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