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TMI that may help with sizing, I am petite, small band, but I have breast tissue, about a small handful.
Therefore the difference between my band and bust (31-28) is 3 inches, which would put me at a 28 C. The places I'm looking online that carry my size (The Little Bra Company, etc) do have return policies, but generally you have to pay shipping back, and the bras are anywhere from $30 to $60. Note: The Little Bra Company size chart uses the add 4 method, which would put me at a 32A, which as I said, does not at all fit. If you are okay with it and have one near by, women's clothing stores like Lane Bryant will measure for you. Any good shop will do a full, proper measuring for you, but my friend has actually poked her head around an entire subreddit dedicated to the cause. I don't know about Salt Lake City, but your instinct to look for specialty bra stores is correct. Basically, much like other types of clothing but even more so, the fit of a bra can depend on the cut and type of the specific bra, especially for in-between sizes like yourself.
This is not something to do online, as there are simply too many variables to consider (beyond size, there's shape, there's varying styles of bras, there's brand peculiarities, et cetera). Victoria's Secret is a bad idea for a bra fitting for everybody, but especially when you are outside the mainstream in size.
On preview - Also, with breasts on the smallish side, I don't think a tighter band is as important support wise for me as for someone with a larger bust, but ymmv.
I have to second the advice that an in-person fitting at a place that stocks lots of brands and sizes is the way to go. You may not need a tighter band for support, but if it's riding up your back over time, you might need to start off with the bra fitted so that when you wear it on the loosest hooks it feels just a bit snug (but not painfully so).
I'm a member of the 32A(-) club, and Nordstrom's has been great for both myself and for my 34G friend. I am not your bra size, but I recently discovered that I have been wearing a band size too big and two cups too small! As someone with slightly in-between size breasts, I usually go for bras with cups made out of firm but stretchy material--they're more forgiving when you can't get an exact fit because you're between cup sizes. Very snug band will be a 27 inch measurement, so I may want to do the 28, as the 30's may be too big - depends on the style. Like you mentioned, very few stores are going to tell you that you wear a size that they don't carry. Not only do you need to get professionally measured, you also need to let the bra fitter lady come into your fitting room while you are topless and really see your boobs.
So I am firmly with all the people saying yes, you need to get properly fitted and there isn't a great way to do this online. If there's an Intimacy shop near you, or near somewhere you'll be traveling, I'd highly recommend checking them out. I used to hate bras and bra shopping enormously, because as far as I could tell, there was no such thing as a bra that fit.
For someone looking for anything outside the most common sizes, I would definitely stay away from Victoria's Secret. I mostly agree that you just gotta go find someone good to measure you, preferably a crotchety old lady with a ton of experience who is not afraid to feel you up and throw a bazillion bras at you til you find the right magical voodoo combo of band size, cup size, and manufacturer. I would like to counter the Victoria's Secret suggestion: no one has mentioned Victoria's Secret because they will not generally tell you that you are a size they do not stock, and they only stock a very, very limited range of sizes (their band sizes don't go that low, and if you are bigger than a D cup you are hosed, and if you are large cup size and a small band size you are especially hosed and may go years thinking you're some ludicrously-for-you large band size just because they told you that to get you into a cup size that fit, ahem, and then when you get properly sized all your clothes fit a million times better).
In conclusion: if you can't find some tiny little specialty shop, just pop by Nordstroms, really. As you probably won't find a local store that carries any bras in your size, I recommend ordering online.
I'll second the recommendation for ABraThatFits; check the right-hand sidebar for some great information, and you can also search to find posts from similarly sized women.
Then I took my mom to a different Nordstrom for a fitting and she was also wearing the wrong size. I am almost exactly your size - 28 band, and previously wore a 34B, or 32B if I could find them. First, I found it incredibly difficult to get correctly fitted in-store, even at Nordstrom, because I couldn't find any place that even stocked 28 bands. The only other point is that, as others in the thread have pointed out, cup size and band size are interrelated so that a C cup isn't necessarily as big as you'd think.

And, hint: once you know what size fits best, hit up your local Nordstrom rack on a regular basis, like once a week just run in and look at the bras in your size and run out. I am 30C, I have your measurements, and I have found bras that fit from Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson. The idea that you can fully describe a complex three dimensional solid with a number and a letter is bullshit.
I definitely suggest trying demi-cup bras as LNM suggests - I have shallow breasts that are wider at the bottom and not full at the top, and full coverage bras don't fit me well at all. Definitely get measured, but avoid places like Lane Bryant (who definitely do not carry your size anyway) and Victoria's Secret. I've generally had good experiences with Nordstroms, even though I told them I can only afford one bra. This is a replacement for my dear departed Kermit the Bra, whose fabric was the same color and texture as our froggy friend, and who perished in a freak dryer accident. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems.
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You definitely should find an in-person assistance so during consultation you can get better ideas on which cuts, which brand would be your best go-to bra. For a long time I wore a 34B, which was completely the wrong size for me, like I could pull my bra 6" off my chest without unfastening it!
I can now hardly feel that I'm wearing a bra, and there are no weird bumps and bulges any more.
If you can get a professional fitting done, then definitely do that, but realize that even once armed with your Official Size, there will still be bras that make no fucking sense in their sizing or shape. I am full on button sized according to this, which probably explains why I tend to get gapping more than extra on top. They size you, ask what you are looking for, talk to you a bit, and then bring you bras to try on. I just went bra shopping on Friday and although I didn't get my measurements taken, I did get the lady to help me find the bras and make sure they were fitting correctly.
However, if you're more of an online shopper, there's this new service True&Co that will ship a box of bras from assorted manufacturers to you and let you return the ones that don't work for free. I would not go there or anywhere else that does not specifically state that they carry bras in the 28-30 band range in smaller cup sizes. Since you're concerned about paying for return shipping, Zappos carries bras in 30-inch bands. Different styles of bras will fit you differently, so even if one bra in your new size doesn't fit, a bra in a different style may fit perfectly. I went and the woman just looked at me in the crappy-fitting bra I had on and knew what size I should be, went and got a bunch of bras for me to try on and I was shocked at how wrong I was about my size.
I do, and I ordered a bunch of bras and returned the ones that I didn't like or that didn't fit. I find that Aerie bras fit my shape well and also they have a (mostly) complete set in the fitting room, so that you can try on a sample of all the sizes they make for each style even if they don't stock it in the store. I found a 75% off one I liked in my smaller-band sister size; I'm wearing it today and I really, really like it. I am at the point that I want to drop some money to specialty order a bra that will actually fit. I also would have to do an exchange of sizes or wait until money was refunded to order another bra. Now my boobs are so awesome and bouncy and look totally different and amazing in everything I wear. And yes, the fitting results may be brand-specific; all of my bras now (other than sports bras) come from the same manufacturer because their bras in a particular size fit perfectly and reliably, while other brands I've tried on just aren't quite right. If you can't deal with a professional fitting, try ordering a couple from somewhere online that offers free shipping and returns.

I have gone to two fancy bra shops and was told I should be either a 28c or d or a 30c or d. I went to one yesterday, tried on EVERY bra that might *remotely* fit (as in: 36 DDD - 40 F) and came home with 2 bras for $10 each. They do free returns, and they are on sale so I might try to order them soon and see how they go. The saleswoman looked at me, knew what size I needed (without having to touch me to measure), and was able to bring bras of a few different sizes (since brands vary) that fit my actual shape. These sizes are not easy to find at the vast majority of brick-and-mortar stores in the US, including Nordstrom and specialty bra stores. For instance, someone whose breasts are shallow (a category many small-busted women fall into) will typically find that a full-coverage bra, even in the correct size, will fit poorly, while a demi-cup bra will fit much better.
In 28D, the Freya Deco strapless (not the regular or half-cup version) and Curvy Kate Elegance fit me as well.
I got this Calvin Klein push-up bra and I don't love it, but if you like push-ups, it might really work for you!
They also take returns in the store, which can be very helpful if you have to order your size online. I have in the past been seriously depressed when putting on my bras that didn't fit, to the point of tears and considering surgery to fit into a bra. I didn't think I would, because sometimes even my regular bands annoy me, but this one's good. Try on a whole lot of bras after being professionally measured and fitted, and have the person work with you. A 30 C is the sister size to the current bra you are wearing - the cup will be the same, but the band will be tighter. Or on some weird cultural assumption that A = small, B = medium, C = large, and D = BIGG HOOTERZ. You'll give them feedback on the bras (and they will observe the fit) and then they may bring you more.
It seems that 28D don't have as many push-up options and are harder to find, but I may try to find some for comparison. And yes, salespeople and bra fitters will simply lie to you about your size in order to sell you a bra in a size that they carry.
I had been wearing a 38B for a long time but remeasured without the adding nonsense and am now in a 36DD.
I found the one linked above by going to the websites of the bra manufacturers I wanted to buy and looking at their store directories. However, strapless bras do need to be tight in the band to keep from sliding down, so it's best to go down to as tight a band as possible for those. As someone who has been small-busted my whole life, I was in complete disbelief that a DD cup would fit me, but I got this demi style and it fits perfectly.
YMMV, of course, because women's RTW clothing is always kind of a crapshoot, which is SOOO great for our body image.
If you found some likely brands online, you could see if there is a brick-and-mortar store carrying them near you.
Even though the fitter measured my underbust at 27", and even though I specifically asked her if she could bring me bras in 30C, she still told me I was a 32B.
Also the cups tend to be too close together and give me a very strange shape of like two little mounds under my shirt.) In addition, when I measure, I am closer to a 28 band, and possibly a C cup.
I still can't just go out and buy any 32D bra -- there's a lot of variation between brands. My understanding is that the cup size, while measured by breast volume (measuring around ribcage and breasts), is really more indicative of the diameter of the breasts themselves. So make sure to call whatever stores you find in advance and ask them if they carry bras in your size range. So, there's low-volume cups (large diameter, but don't come out very far) and high-volume cups, and that difference tends to be more brand-specific, and not something that bra sizes code for. If they don't, they'll be useless to you (unless the fitter is both knowledgeable and honest about your size).

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