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Canada has seen the same sort of forecasting - much of the inhabited part of the country can count on warmer than average temps.
Here in CA we are seeing a major oscillation in temps, from 10 degrees below to 10 degrees above! Anywhere you walk, the ground is already cracking from lack of moisture & has really subsided in many spots. I've got plants today beginning to flower that shouldn't have done so here for another 2 weeks - perennial cornflowers, heuchera, my small campanulas, with the peach leafed bellflowers close behind. It really felt like late July this past week & air conditioners everywhere were humming. The highs this week should be a bit more reasonable but it's not cooling into the low 50s at night as it should be.
I was scanning the CBC website this morning & an article about drought in my part of the province caught my eye.
Some farmers in North Gower, about 40 kilometres south of Ottawa, said they've had to begin using irrigation systems to water their crops for the first time since 2012. Fellow North Gower farmer Doug McKay, said there hasn't been a time in recent memory when it was this dry, this early in the year.

We were supposed to see showers yesterday - the sky spit on us for 2 minutes, not even enough to wet all the pavement.
My rose coloured geraniums - several cultivars have begun blooming as well & my larkspur. A neighbour has a daughter working at the local urgent care center's emerg department - lots of dehydration, heat exhaustion, 1 fairly serious heat stroke & tons of pretty bad sunburns.
The region being discussed is one & two 'areas' north of me but overall conditions apply. So, it's starting from a higher 'low temp', we're consistently seeing winds right from the south & it's getting warm. The temperature at the nearest buoy is 62 degrees, a bit down from yesterday but still considerably warmer than we should be seeing. Unfortunately, most of our winter snow when it melted, ran off rather than soaked into the ground, thanks to poorly timed ice falls that locked the water away from the ground. I'm thinking if I treat some of the perennials right through the summer, I might get a rare, second small flush of bloom late in the summer.. Hot, sunny day forecast for tomorrow & only a chance of showers over the weekend with continuing warm temps.

I've been diligent about watering but the ground is so dry, I'm having to do far more watering than I would have ever contemplated. If you have created photographs, drawings, poems or other artistic outpourings that feature high heels, we’d love to publish your work: please contact us. Whoever was playing at that must have gotten bored - I can now easily open & shut off the water! There is nothing the compares to doing a photo shoot in a sexy latex dress and a pair of 6” superarch heels!
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