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In many less-developed countries, declining fertility rates over the past 50 years represent an important population success story.
I was interested in Al Greenlaw's hypothesis on the Republican principles topic that abortion policy has depressed US population growth.
So as not to sidetrack that thread, I'm posting this graph which I think provides different evidence.

And, regarding the hypothesis that the 50% increase in US population (from about 211 million to 309 million) since 1973 is due to immigration, here's a graph that shows immigrants as a percentage of population which appears to show that immigration is well within historical ranges.
The graph shows that, from its peak in the late 1950s, birthrates dropped to a minimum in 1976, stayed below replacement rate of 2.0 until the end of the 1980s and now, according to US census projections, are expected to be stable into the foreseeable future.

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fertility rate calculation

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