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This web page will focus on using this method in emergency situations, to try and identify if ovulation has yet occurred. First thing you will need will be a digital thermometer, if you happen to have a basal thermometer on hand that's fine, it will work too. In an emergency situation chances are you won't have any previously recorded history to look back on to see what is normal for you, so we'll just have to wing it and use generalities. Chances are you started charting somewhere in the middle of your cycle so you won't have as much information to work with. Remember you can't tell where you are in your cycle from one or two days of temperature recording. If your BBT is less than 97.4 degrees, then chances are that ovulation has not yet occurred or could be happening at that very moment! If your resting body temp is at or above 97.8 degrees, then chances are good that ovulation has already occurred. For women who have long cycles chances are they are not ovulating or it takes estrogen levels a long time to build up enough for ovulation to occur. Another way the BBT method can identify pregnancy is the length of time that the temperatures stay high.
If a triphasic pattern begins to develop (temps stay elevated for 3 days or more) any herbal abortive used 5 to 7 days before menses is due may cause the pregnancy to abort. The data above is based on the fact that in each menstrual cycle there is an about 25% chance of getting pregnant as well as a scientific study published by Wilcox in JAMA in 2001. The chances of having a negative pregnancy test, based on personal experience AND the above chart which does seem accurate,  and being pregnant still (say a week or more after your period is due) is highly rare.
For some, the HCG is obviously not yet built up enough to be detected by the test being used.
I had the symptoms, the pains, even the positive ovulation test, but I soon learned that sometimes the body gears up to ovulate and then fails for no apparent reason. Back then I had heard of some pregnant women getting positive ovulation tests, so I was further confused. June 13, 2015 by Marissa 20 Comments How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?{I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for First Response.
Luckily, First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests can give you a result up to six days BEFORE Aunt Flow is supposed to show!
The new First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests can detect a pregnancy 6 days sooner than your missed period. I know that anxious couples will find this early response pregnancy test to be a Wonderful development. I love that you can take it sooner, and that it has a longer handle for some of us that are challenged. I love the new curved design, makes it much easier to hold and also the larger tip and wider handle is great.
This is a very good pregnancy test that I think is so accurate and a woman can find out very fast if she is pregnant so she can start right away taking prenatal vitamins and staying away from things that can harm the baby.
It is used to confirm the passage of ovulation, but will not give any warning of approaching ovulation. I'm expecting that most of you will not have been charting your BBT before finding this page.

A regular fever thermometer will not work, it MUST be able to measure a 10th of a degree, only digital or basal thermometers do this.
Every day matters, especially when it comes to your BBT - things can change very quickly, if at all possible, get everything ready so you can take your temp first thing in the morning, as in tomorrow morning. Once the egg leaves the ovary, luteinizing hormone (which triggered ovulation) transforms the ruptured follicle (that housed the egg during development) into the corpus luteum which begins to secrete progesterone. Our bodies occasionally throw in a fluke high or low temperature just to keep things interesting.
Keep recording and look for your temps to rise, remember they won't go up until a couple of days after ovulation has occurred. If it is at or above 98.0 degrees, then ovulation is likely to be past, and the egg may have already expired, and pregnancy would be less likely to occur, and one may even go as far as to say you are out of the woods, but continue to chart for a few more days just to make sure, charting for a week would be even better. If you choose to chart longer than the initial week discussed here, if conception did occur some women notice a second increase in temperatures about the time implantation occurs, 6 days after ovulation. An indication of this happening or about to happen, temps will start to fall, as shown in this chart. But there are people that fall into that 1% who claim they don’t get a positive test until much further along. The woman may assume that she did, but then the period does not come on time, and of course she will think that means that she’s pregnant. Thanks to Influence Central and First Response, I was sent a sample of the First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests with design features that are all new!
In fact, in just the seven years it has been since I had my first baby, the tests have become more accurate. I HIGHLY suggest reading the pamphlet that comes with the tests to make sure that you don’t accidentally invalidate the test.
It can do this because the hormone progesterone which is released in quantity only after ovulation has occurred will cause the body's internal temperature to rise slightly this confirms the passing of ovulation and fertility for that particular cycle.
Digital thermometers are very common, and can be purchased at any drugstore, Wal-mart, or similar store. You will need to take your temp before getting out of bed, before drinking any fluids, before putting anything in your mouth, before sex, before anything at all. Progesterone's function is to finish preparing the endometrium incase an egg is fertilized.
However, read up on it before basing any contraceptive decisions on it (like whether or not to use contraception). The dots that are darkened represent the days leading up to ovulation and ovulation will occur during those days.
If no pattern seems to be developing, and you are prone to long cycles or cycle irregularly you may not be ovulating. If your BBT is above 98.0 degrees for more than 16 days in a row, then chances are good that pregnancy is present, and more than 18 days a pregnancy test is pretty much guaranteed to be positive.
I love that they work early, and I used them right after I bought them (not in the morning like they recommend because I’m impatient) and they still worked!!
With the information you will gather by taking your BBT, and with the help of other pages on this website, you will hopefully be able to get a decent idea of where your cycle is at.
This is very important, if you get up to go to the bathroom, the movement will cause your body temp to rise and will give an inaccurate and misleading temperature reading, or if you drink something again the temp in your mouth will change and will be inaccurate.

Remember that Day 1 was the first day of your last period, so if you have this information it will be really helpful. Getting out of bed, any activity, drinking something, even a nightmare can alter your resting temps making them inaccurate or misleading (higher than it would have been), so taking your temps for a minimum of a week is recommended, and longer may be better.
A really excellent book on BBT is Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler, which I highly recommend.
Best you can do is keep charting your temps each morning and see if it moves one way or the other.
The egg can be fertilized for 12 hours maybe longer, at least one source says up to 36 hours, but most sources say less than that.
I have read time and again that you are more likely to get a false negative HPT result and be pregnant, than to have a false positive result and not be pregnant. The most common reason, and this happened to me once where I swore I had to be pregnant, was that I did not ovulate like I thought I had. This can happen up to 1-2x’s per year in perfectly healthy, fertile women, without any need for concern. It brought on an early period.  If you are worried about anything for any reason, do see your doctor. Some women even have to wait a week or more after they miss their period to get an accurate result.
The chances of getting an accurate result increase the closer you are to the day of your missed period (again, depends on the hCG), but hey, being given the chance to get an early result is pretty convenient! It might not be able to help in every case, but for some or most women, I think it will help. It is also important to take your temp at the same time each morning, you will need to do this for several days, to get an accurate idea, one days temperature will not be enough.
So mark the date your last period started on Day 1 of your chart, then add your temps in on the appropriate dates, and connect the dots with a line.
Something I never knew before, but when you are not trying, you can miss these things far more often. It all depends on how much hCG you have in your system, the hormone that is detected in pregnancy tests.
Since I’m breastfeeding my ovulation was hard to pinpoint, so glad to have the tests! My pregnancy symptoms always feel like pmsing so I never really know lol… so annoying!!
So set your alarm next to your bed, so you can reach over turn it off, and put the thermometer right in your mouth.
It will thoroughly explain how to read your charts what the different patterns mean and just tons and tons of really great information.

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