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Found this on Women Over 40 With High FSH:My interest was in comparing au natural success stories with ART. Reproductive Associates of Delaware (RAD) Team Uses Frozen Donated Eggs, Opening Doors for New Fertility TreatmentsNewark, DE (PRWEB) August 10, 2008 -- A patient of Reproductive Associates of Delaware (RAD) is in the second trimester of a healthy pregnancy, following the region's first successful use of thawed, frozen donated eggs.In May, frozen donor eggs were shipped to the Delaware-based infertility clinic. In this article from The Wall Street Journal, reporter Sue Shellenbarger talks to several women about how they handled the frequent absences and other workplace challenges caused by their fertility treatments.

Pamela Madsens says it took teams of doctors, drugs, and fertility treatments before she could conceive each of her two sons, but she has a few easy tips that she believes may help other infertile couples. Researchers point out that many doctors use both of these methods on women who show no obvious reason for their infertility because "doing nothing" is not popular. Shellenbarger also discusses recent changes in the law that offer women legal protection when it comes to taking time off work for fertility-related medical visits.Click here to read the full story, or you can also listen to a podcast on the subject here. But in a study of 580 women, those who used Clomid or underwent IUI were no more likely to get pregnant than if they had done nothing. An ongoing pregnancy occurred following the first attempt at transferring the embryos to the patient's uterus.Dr. Feinberg, IVF Medical Director at RAD, notes that the availability of frozen eggs has opened a new era in fertility care, with new options for women. Nevertheless, research has progressed and various options for egg freezing and banking have now arrived.""Frozen eggs offer women options in deciding when they wish to conceive, whether with their own eggs or with donor eggs," notes Dr.

Others have opted to use donor eggs."Women's aging has particularly negative effects on their eggs. McGuirk explained, "Freezing eggs give women and couples the time and convenience of using their eggs when they are ready to get pregnant, liberated from the financial, personal, and ethical dilemma presented with frozen embryos."Dr. McGuirk added, "Egg donation is a highly successful treatment option for women who may not be able to get pregnant with their own eggs, but are still able to carry a pregnancy. However, the process of selecting the right women's eggs often presents challenges."Achieving a pregnancy with frozen donor eggs may circumvent issues of time, money, and emotion.

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can i get pregnant with a 40 day cycle

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