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After adjusting for potential compounding factors, like age, alcohol consumption and physical activity, they found that vegetarians had a 32% lower risk of being hospitalized or dying from heart disease.
The benefits of a vegetarian diet has long been championed by celebrities and physicians such as Bill Clinton, Alicia Silverstone, Paul McCartney and Dr. Various vegetarian and vegan organizations also claim that eliminating meat bestows a multitude of other health benefits, including a lower risk of osteoporosis, cancer and fatigue.
If you’re considering switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, make sure you’re getting enough protein and vitamins in your diet, as vegetarians run the risk of not getting enough protein or vital nutrients that meat provides, including vitamin B12. Been vegetarian 40+ years, was given statin (Pravachol) in year 2000, in a few days had heart attack, side affect of the statin. THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT. I consider myself a vegetarian in the same way that many people consider themselves part of a denominational faith: I believe strongly in the principles (environmental sustainability, organic production, the health benefits of a plant-based diet, ethical treatment of animals) but am not always a saint in practice. It goes to show that every movement has shades of gray and, more importantly, that diversity is a good thing!
Imagine if vegetarianism were viewed as an abstract commitment to eating more nutritious, sustainable, and ethical meals rather than an adherence to a strict set of rules. This is because it is the carbohydrates that are broken down directly into sugar early during the digestion process. Complex carbohydrates are the starches that we find in beans, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains.
When you prepare your juicing recipes for diabetes you have to be very selective about what ingredients you use.
Practically this means that if you want to get the maximum health benefit from juicing you should include many green vegetables. This drink will be rather strong in taste but is loaded with the nutrients you need for blood sugar control. Broccoli is an excellent source of chromium which is very helpful to regulate insulin usage in the body.
It should be noted however that in a juicing diet for diabetes, fruit juice should be consumed in small quantities.

The sugar concentration in dried fruits, is simply too high and should be avoided by diabetics. This is because juicing recipes which include vegetables, as a general rule contain less sugar. Especially vegetables that grow above the ground have very little sugar content and therefore make great juicing recipe ingredients. We have compiled a detailed list of high fiber foods that can be included in your juicing diet.
We need large daily amounts of magnesium, which are plentiful in vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard. Zinc is a very important immune boosting mineral that can also help with blood sugar control. A recently released study from scientists at Oxford University in England suggests that vegetarians are 32% less likely to be hospitalized or die from heart disease than meat eaters — including those who eat mostly fish. Throughout the study, the researchers assessed the participants’ diet, smoking habits, exercise habits, body-mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
They even found that those who were vegetarians for at least 5 years during the study enjoyed similar heart-healthy benefits. Take a multivitamin to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients and make sure to include good sources of plant-based proteins in your diet from tofu, quinoa, tempeh, or white beans. First of all, from an economic standpoint, I am doing much to further the vegetarian movement. One of the great privileges in life is the ability to choose from a wide range of food options. Greasy potato chips and Nestle candy bars may be acceptable for the average vegetarian, but both are cut from the same fabric of mass-produced health-damaging environment-destroying practices used by the meat industry. While militant vegetarians should be free to live their life in ways that fit with their personal ethics, they would be wise to be more accepting of people such as myself who are helping the vegetarian cause in numerous ways. Many not only praise the health benefits of a vegetarian or vegan household but also mention the benefits afforded to animals and to the environment.
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Don’t get me wrong - I have a lot of respect for vegetarians and vegans who are able to take the complete plunge. This ALWAYS provokes awkward stares, as if they can’t comprehend how my plant-loving zealotry could have possibly lapsed for even a moment. If 90 percent of my food purchases are funding a plant-based diet, I am voting with my wallet heavily in favor of establishments that have organic vegetarian options. Cholesterol has been low for many years without statins, it is diet that controls cholesterol and cholesterol is not really the problem. I enjoy a good plate of sushi, even though I know that fishing practices in most parts of the world are shameful. But there are plenty of people like me out there who are helping the vegetarian movement but are getting no credit! If everyone purchased the same food as I, the fast food menu as we know it would go extinct, even though everyone would still occasionally eat meat. So long as vegetarianism is perceived as all-or-nothing, it will be a fringe movement more divisive than inclusive. By making vegetarianism more accessible for omnivores like me, would the movement die a slow, painful, hypocritical death? Actually, we get scoffed at and called hypocrites by both militant vegetarians AND omnivores. Provided that I am aware of my options and capable of making my own decisions, I should be able to eat what is available to me.
The average overweight meat-dependent American will not abandon age-old eating habits if the only alternative is eating fresh produce from the garden.
For instance, I ate a bit of turkey this Thanksgiving, not because it is the American way, but because it is a tradition I enjoy on a personal level.

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