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She was all red, wrinkly, and had an odd conical lump that had the texture of left over macaroni and cheese sticking sideways out of the top of her head. Chaya spent that night scrubbing the toilet, shower, and tidying everything up, for she knew deep down what was coming the following day.
I got up out of bed, for I found it difficult to sleep when my wife was pacing around the house threatening to give birth. And like this I followed Chaya from room to room around the apartment as her contractions grew heavier and harder. Number Three was not messing around: she decided to come out, and there was no stopping her. Chaya and I return downstairs and the pacing resumed with the added accompaniment of the mildly frantic assistance of two mildly frantic parents.
Leading up to this moment the midwives implied that the birthing process would be something that took a long time.
It was my impression that Number Three would not be giving these midwives a very large window for shopping. I really hoped that I properly communicated to the midwife how fast everything was progressing. I am holding her up in a standing position and we are going down into squats and pushing into the contractions. The cheering resumed, the pushing continued, and the little baby worked her way out little by little. The baby’s head would rise to the forefront and the cheers would build to a crescendo, and then it would sink back into the abyss and the excitement would fall away . Like this the cheers built and then faded a the baby’s head rose ever closer to the outside world before re-absconding into the comfortable depths of Chaya. Though Chaya quickly took the hand off and snuggled the little ball up into her bread basket.
I then cut the umbilical cord, birthed the placenta, dressed Petra for the first time, weighted her, and then had to be nearly hog tied to be kepf from helping sew Chaya back up. Chaya birthed our baby at home, without any pain medication, and in the company of her husband, parents, and three smiling, confident midwives. After making Number Three in Maine, traveling back to Brooklyn, Maine again, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, Egypt, and then back to Maine, we were finally able to see the face of our most sought after travel companion.
I was also assured that when my baby’s play-doe head looses its birth canal molded shape, her pink color, and grows into her wrinkly skin, she is going to look just like me.
I must say, now that I have watched my baby come into the world, that my mother has always been correct: the un-pry-apartable attachment of a father to his child does happen at the moment of birth. Wade Shepard is a traveling writer who has been traveling the world for the past 16 years, through 70 countries.
Adding to our Indian govt category, this post is a guide for getting a birth certificate from MCD offices in Delhi. Getting a birth certificate issued for your baby is the first legal process you undergo as a parent.
So, coming straight to the process, following are the steps you need to follow to get the birth certificate from MCD, Delhi.
If you wish to receive a birth certificate without name, you just need to take the receipt issued by the hospital and you’ll get the birth certificate. If you want the birth certificate to have your child’s name, following is the list of documents required. Written application from any one parent to the MCD officer on plain paper specifying the birth details of your child. In case you are trying to get a birth certificate of a child older than 3 years, take a copy of child’s ID proof as well. This entry was posted in Indian Government, Uncategorized and tagged application, birth certificate, birth certificate with name, Delhi, government procedure, India, mcd, New Delhi, Process by allzhere. Sir, I have applied birth certificate of my son with name( born on 1990) in MCD, Rajouri garden, West Delhi.
My son was born 3 years ago and I got the birth certificate with name from municipality corportion. They do mention on the birth certificate application template that you should not change the name once the birth certificate is made. HOW TO RECTIFY THE FATHER’S NAME WRONGLY ENTERED AT THE HOSPITAL RECORDS WHERE THE BABY WAS BORN. I lives in east Delhi and My baby was born in Rohini Area and got Birth Certificate without name from same place.
Very Nice Information… Can we apply online to change the name on the Birth certificate issues already. Do we require to go to MCD office personally or can it be done by sending the required docts by post to the MCD office ?

I have dob certificate without name from mcd karolbagh Delhi with DOB- 28 October, 2010 now I want to have birth certificate with name Whata€™s to do??? I have dob certificate without name from mcd rohini Delhi with DOB- 28 October, 2010 now I want to have birth certificate with name Whata€™s to do???
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Repurposed photographs were used to support a hoax about an Indian woman giving live birth to eleven boys all at once.
Origin:Wikipedia's list of multiple births records only two instances of nonuplets (nine children born at once to the same mother), none of whom survived more than a few days, so the news of a woman's giving birth to eleven healthy children at once (all of them boys) would be remarkable indeed.
The article referenced above, which claims an Indian woman delivered eleven living children at the same time, is not such news, however. A city-based In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centre will undertake operations on 11 would-be mothers to schedule the births of their babies on Friday, 11-11-11.
About 30 women had conceived through IVF nine months ago at the 21st Century Hospital in the city. The operations will be performed by Dr Purnima Nadkarni and Dr Pooja Nadkarni and their team of doctors at the hospital from 6 am. This picture was taken from an unrelated news report about a Mexican woman who underwent surgery to remove a 132-lb. Our site covers many of the items currently being plopped into inboxes everywhere, so if you were writing to ask us about something you just received, our search engine can probably help you find the very article you want. Choose a few key words from the item you're looking for and click here to go to the search engine. We do reserve the right to use non-confidential material sent to us via this form on our site, but only after it has been stripped of any information that might identify the sender or any other individuals not party to this communication.
I was not yet prepared for the baby to come, and Chaya’s invitation clearly jumped my gun.
I want to see what she looks like,” Chaya spoke between doing the dishes and scrubbing some other appliance that did not really need to be scrubbed. I tried to show my concern but but a mere three hours of sleep is often not enough to pry a man out of bed when given the option to go back to sleep. I did not know what to do, as neither holding her, massaging her, talking to her, leaving her alone, or following her like a lost puppy seemed to be having any effect — I felt useless in the moment where I felt that I should be the most useful. As Chaya’s pace around the apartment and her contractions increased, it became apparent that I would be looking into this face sooner rather than later. She said that Chaya was definitely in labor, and that she would be over in a couple of hours. I lead the way and tried to strike up a weak conversation as I gazed down at the open morning paper that was sprawled out on their kitchen table. As I watched Chaya flopping like a an antaganized fish upon the mattress which was laid in the middle of the living room floor, and listened her groans of agony, I realized that my jests were merely bluffs: I did not really want to deliver the baby on my own. Birth is a natural process, and it will happen without incident most of the time, with or without a medical professional present.
The three midwifes, Chaya’s mother and father, and myself would give a cheer, and Chaya would the accompany us with a chorus of contraction accented grunts and screams.

Chaya was giving birth right behind four wide open windows that were but a half score of feet away from the sidewalk in a moderately populated neighborhood. Slowly running her fingers down in there and then cautiously entering, Chaya felt her half born baby for the first time.
This birth was full of laughter, smiles, and only the ordinate amount of agonizing screams.
He is the author of Ghost Cities of China, and his articles appear on Reuters, Forbes, CityMetric, the South China Morning Post, The Diplomat, and many other publications. The office you need to visit does not depend on the area you live in but the area where the baby was born. You can subscribe to our Facebook page, follow our Twitter handle or can also subscribe via email. Announce the birth of your beautiful baby in style and grace with one of our unique and adorable birth announcement designs!
Show off your beautiful new baby with this adorable vintage-inspired boy birth announcement. Show off your beautiful new baby with this gorgeous peachy pink vintage-inspired birth announcement. Show off your beautiful new baby with this gorgeous bugs nursery inspired birth announcement.
Show off your beautiful new baby with this gorgeous blue Nautical-themed birth announcement. Show off your beautiful new baby with this gorgeous peachy pink and woodsy birth announcement. Resources have been told that few of them were test tubes babies but it really seems strange at once.
These were surprising words, as Chaya’s song had been all about how she wanted to be pregnant forever all the way up until this moment. I began cleaning up the area in the apartment where we were planning on having the baby, and made way for the phone to call the midwife — but I am stopped in my tracks. I felt as if these past nine months of walking uphill had given way to the mountain’s great apex, whereupon we quickly began rolling downhill. Chaya’s labor was occurring two weeks before we expected it to, and her family had no clue what was going on. But having a person in the room who knows what is going on lays smooth the nerves of everyone. Any strolling spectator could have been privy to the great game that was taking place within our livingroom. He is the author of the book, Ghost Cities of China, and contributes to Forbes, The Diplomat, the South China Morning Post, and other publications. This is his personal blog where he collects the stories, anecdotes, and observations from his travels that don’t fit in anywhere else. This slip is used as a proof to get the birth certificate from the municipal corporation office (MCD in my case).
I would advise everyone to get a birth certificate with the baby name printed on it as it is required for the school admission these days and many schools have stopped accepting certificates without the name. However, we recommend getting the name on the certificate for the reasons mentioned above in the post.
I have attached all relevant documents alongwith copy of old Birth certificate issued by MCD office.
The three girls born on Easter weekend  are so cute and their personalities are so different. But I could not question the words of a birthing professional, as my only experience with birth was my own — and I cannot say that I took many notes. This, more than anything else, is why we opted to have our baby at home, rather than at a hospital — peace of mind is a valuable commodity.
The birth slip itself can not be used as proof of birth anywhere except in getting a birth certificate issued. They said that old records is lying in HQ and it will be verified by HQ then new Birth certificate will be issued by MCD Rajouri garden.
I have met people who believe that the birth slip itself is a birth certificate and do not bother to get one issues by municipal corporation. I have lived with the horses for eight years and they trust me, so it didn’t bother them that I helped. Raine is nursing her granddaughter and Mandy is nursing her sister.  The switch is permanent.

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