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Nobody knows what causes morning sickness (or in some cases, all-frickin'-day sickness) and, therefore, nobody really knows a cure. Taking the fear out of having a baby for new and expectant parents with tips, advice and information about the ups and downs of pregnancy. Studies and research have shown that babies born to women who experience morning sickness exhibit high level of IQ and intelligence. More is the severity of morning sickness, more is the IQ level of the baby.This is not a myth, but a research based on some facts.
Now you know why majority of women suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy.
All other species of animals are devoid of this blessing, to bear the pain for the greater intelligence and IQ of your precious baby.
The important nutrients that you should include in your diet when you are pregnant would be calcium, iron, folic acid and omega – 3…. You are in the most beautiful phase of your life – after all you’re pregnant, expecting your child in your lap in just few months. A woman who suffers from morning sickness, a very unpredictable disturbing feeling, is said to give birth to a bright child. Morning sickness is caused due to the change in certain hormones in the woman’s body during pregnancy. Because it is during this trimester that the development of all the vital organs of the baby starts. Don’t be because this is bliss that God has bestowed upon only we humans, “women” in particular.

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Okay, they need to back the hell off with this one because they're not even sure if it does anything which makes me think they're just trying to get all preachy about what you should eat. For the record, I firmly believe anything that the Chinese came up with will work – I will try just about anything if an old Chinese woman tells me to do it.
Pregnancy opens the gates to a life full of dreams, hopes, changes, but also the worse, “the morning sickness”.
Cheer up for there are multiple benefits that morning sickness brings to you and your baby.
The intelligence level of the new born is directly proportional to the extent of morning sickness faced by the mother. These changes in hormones make sure that the woman’s placenta grows properly making the adequate amount of food available for the baby in the womb and development of the baby is healthy.
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Anything from ginger ale, ginger snaps, candied ginger to boiling fresh ginger in water with a bit of honey to make tea.
These Sea Bands got a very high rating on Amazon, and got the thumbs up from many readers too.Still barfy? Morning sickness (nausea and vomiting during pregnancy), which can actually occur any time during the day, dampens your experience of a soon would-be mother. It prevents your body from ingesting food that might not suit your or your growing baby’s body and health.

This will help keep your blood sugar up during the night and might stave off a wave of ew the next day.9.
25 milligrams of vitamin B6 three times a day (a total of 75 milligrams per day) for three days is supposed to reduce nausea and  vomiting associated with pregnancy although they don't know why. Supposedly drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon honey in cold water before bed is helpful. I imagine these would also get stuck in your teeth but, if it works, I guess it's better than perpetual puking. It's essentially a combination of B6 and an antihistamine and many doctors have already been prescribing that to their patients in a number of forms (mostly Unisom with allergy medication). It's also been used safely for decades in other countries so this one sounds solidWhile researching this post I found a lot of women using cannabis to control their morning sickness. Bring it up with your doctor if you are prescribed it.Finally, there are quite a number of women who's only cure for morning sickness is giving birth, so just know that you're not alone if nothing is working.
Hopefully karma will reward you with a good baby, kind teenager, and a winning powerball ticket. How about you guys?
Taking them before you go to bed also helped lessen the barfs because you are sleeping when the queasy normally hits.

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