I have a wood-burning woodstock soapstone stove that I am looking to pull at ceiling height heat into a nearby room when in operation in the cooler months. My gc recommended a Broan 270 CFM through the wall exhaust fan- I am concerned it will be very noisy as our stove is in our kitchen where the main part of our activities occur. Even a 20 cfm fan would probably do fine for a bigger room, a 10 cfm fan for something small. I supplement with wood heat and have an 8 inch 650 CFM in-line centrifugal blower down in my crawlspace. The room is 19feet by 17feet with vaulted ceilings about 13 feet on center down to 8 feet exterior wall. LOL about the woodstove questions because in fact it is a high efficiency woodstove with a catalytic combuster to burn the gases a second time with the soapstone holding the heat long after the fire has burned down in the firebox and currently, I am splitting my own wood from a tree we had felled when we first moved to the property (beware of a girl with an ax!). In our old house we had an exhaust fan in the living room at ceiling height pulling the trapped warm air into our master bath & bedroom. So, figure out the total roof area in that room (less the skylight), and use U0.029 x 55F x [area] to come up with the roof losses. Then figure out the total exterior wall area, and use U 0.051 x 55F x [area] to come up with wall losses.
Add them all up, and that'll be about what to expect for the heat loss at design temp. Oversizing woodstoves in tighter better than code homes is becoming a common problem, since it turns the room with the stove into a sauna unless it's a high thermal mass stove (like soabstone), and you build hot, but intermittent fires that are allowed to burn down to nearly nothing. Where and how you mount the compressor unit matters, since you do get hit with the occasional blizzard.

But your actual delta-Ts are likely to be closer to 20F with the wood stove is stoked and it's +15F outside, making the Fantech FG-4 just about ideal. Trim is available in 12 crisp colors that add a unique touch to the structure of your shed vinyl siding. Our 14 door colors provide the contrast that you need to make the entrance of your shed look amazing.
I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. New two story Victorian residential home with vinyl or board siding on the facade styled after an old-fashioned historical house with bay windows, gingerbread and a turret. New two story vinyl home built to look like an old historical house with gray vinyl siding and large front porch.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Essentially this will consist of a wall grated opening, insulated ductwork, some type of extraction fan, and a floor level register return. As with anything, starting with the heat loss calculation of the room you're trying to heat, and which point you could hazard a reasonable guess as to the cfm requirements for moving the heat at some presumed temperature difference. Running a 250cfm fan would be extreme overkill for the average (as opposed to the peak) wintertime heat load of that room. Alan's Factory Outlet offers a wide variety of colors that look outstanding on all vinyl siding sheds.

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This is only 110-135 CFM (half the Broan) but the tech said I didn't want to much air exchange as it would cool down the heated air moving it.
Even better, is that you can choose a combination of four colors that best suits your needs; a vinyl siding color, a trim color, a shingles color, and a door color.
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