The first step in the process was taken by specialists who would draw up plans for the pyramid on papyrus. What camp could inspire fear and awe in a foe better than a proper Mesoamerican step pyramid? This lesson provides students with the background to understand the importance of age structure on population growth. Students will work in groups to design their own pyramid, temple, or obelisk and create a Students could receive participation grades for initial pyramid building and. Your source for exercise, health and nutrition advice, with information on building muscle mass, weightlifting and sports nutrition..
Easy Plans for Building Any Size Pyramid That Will Work Like the Great Pyramid of Giza (Sep. In the 1970s, Les Brown published a small book called The Pyramid, How to Build It; How to Use It. In that book, he explained a simple way to correctly calculate the base, sides, and height for any size pyramid that would match the ratio and proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cheops) in Egypt.
Following this formula, which employs the Golden Mean ratio (also called Phi) of 1.618, the sides of the Giza pyramid are angled precisely at 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14 seconds.
Using these proportions, any pyramid will function in unison with the natural elements that we enjoy, the natural elements that keep us alive and the world in balance.
I will not go into all the details of the Great Cheops, but will mention a few, just to illustrate that this ratio was strictly adhered to, plus a few more items which indicate that it is not just a beautiful structure, but was planned for a purpose. Following the above directions, you can make any size pyramid you want and achieve100% results, assuming that you orientate one edge of the pyramid's base along an axis pointing precisely to true north or geophysical north (by establishing a fixed indicator - or local landmark - that aligns perfectly with the location of the North Star, or the Southern Cross if you live in the southern hemisphere). Here's the screen shot I captured from Google Earth of the Great Pyramid viewed from 3500 feet above.
Now you know that the left hand margin of the paper is orientated to true north and you can draw a series of parallel lines through your house (use a T Square, tape down the paper, and follow normal drafting technique) to indicate the true north-south axis. You could also extend your drawn parallel lines out beyond the house roof line to cover your front and back yard and use bushes, or tress, fence posts, or other fixed objects on your property to run a string or run a laser beam to show you where the north-south axis runs from one side of your house to the other.
Now that I know that my compass needle (when level) will point to 12 degrees, 22 minutes East of True North, I simply rotate the green azimuth line (starting from magnetic north) on the compass bezel to the left by 12.3 degrees (roughly equals 12 degrees, 22 minutes) and now I know my azimuth line is pointing exactly at True North (the compass needle will continue to point at Magnetic North as I rotate the green azimuth line to the left). I want to be sure that my pyramids accurately align with true north within one degree, so I decided that the investment in a high end, precision compass was worth it. If you have a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) receiver, then GPS should work OK if you're outside and can get a signal from 3 satellites. First, decide on how long you want the base of your pyramid to be: 5 inches, 10 inches, 5 feet, 10 feet, 50 feet, whatever.
Les said that the energizer trays will even mummify eggs left in their shell in the same way as a cracked open egg will congeal.
By the way, if your egg doesn't mummify, then you either A) didn't build the pyramid to the correct dimensions or B) you didn't properly orientate the pyramid (or the energizer tray) to true north.
Les found that flies and other insects inside his house would not touch the food placed on top of the pyramid energizer tray (or inside an open pyramid) even though the food was out in the open and flies were present in his house.
Here's a photo from Les Brown's book showing a mummified egg that was placed inside a glass ashtray dish and left on an energizer tray for about 2 weeks. Here's a link to a page I put together with six 1.5 inch pyramid cutout forms that can be made using 110 lb weight paper or thin cardboard such as the type used for posters.
Be careful when gluing down the pyramids that they touch each other evenly and remain perfectly parallel to each other.
The graph on the right is an example of what a 20 pyramid tray would look like when viewed from above. Here's a 72 pyramid tray with a hefty edging around the perimeter, taken from Les Brown's book. Kirlian photos have been made of pyramid energizer trays, properly orientated to true north, and you could see a type of light beam fountain of rays coming out of the apex of the each pyramid.
You can build and set up a pyramid anywhere and take advantage of its ability to concentrate and transduce cosmic energies, but unless you build it to the correct dimensions and align it precisely along true north, you won't get the spectacular results that are possible.

There are many more hidden mysteries involved with pyramid power than that discussed here, but we shall explaore this topic in greater depth in the future. Les Brown's pyramid greenhouse was covered with plastic sheeting initially to keep out the wind and to allow heating in the winter so he could grow 6 crops year around. Start with the 1.5 inch cardboard pyramids cutouts linked above and make onr or more an energizer trays.
You might be plesantly surprised to discover just how useful and beneficial a pyramid can be.
Excellent and highly informative 2 hour, 12 minute lecture by Les Brown on Crystal and Pyramid energies. This rare documentary takes a look at the true nature of magnetism, electricity and gravity.
Bryn believes that the Egyptians invented the modern building grid plan, separating the pyramid structure’s measuring system from the. Cheops covers approximately 13.1 acres and is square at the base, as we shall see it must be. The line extending from the point shere it would touch the Equator up to the North Pole (base side corner to peak), leans in at 51 degrees, 51 minutes, 14 seconds.
8, 2011 I found an easier way to determine the correct direction of geophysical north for any location desired without going outside and trying to find the North star and plot a horizon landmark reference point. You can see that the west side of the Pyramid (left side of the pyramid) runs perfectly parallel with the left hand margin of the screen. Now you can save the image and print out the screen shot of your home, properly enlarged to fill out most of the entire printed page.
Try to draw your lines through locations along the edge of the roof which can be easily identified from the ground and allow you to drop a plumb line down to ground level and mark the exact location on the ground (with a stake) or mark the plumb line on the house itself. If you set up your outside markers to line up with some of your windows, you could run a laser beam along the line of the outside markers and run the beam into your window (at night) and mark the beam's window entry point and where it lands on a wall.
If you live outside of the USA, then choose your country from the drop down menu and enter a city that is closest to you (or, for greater precision, you can determine your Latitude and Longitude coordinates from Google Earth or Map Quest or many other online tools). I now use this azimuth line setting to adjust the side of my Pyramid (or my Pyramid tray) to be parallel with this line. I still plan on using the Google Earth overhead views of my house, aligned with true north by Google's satellites, to verify that I'm getting the same axis alignment as indicated on my new German compass. You can just build a pyramid frame out of rigid wire (smaller pyramids only), cast rion pipe, or rigid copper tubing, rigid EMT tubing, or wood and achieve the SAME results as a pyramid with solid sides. If the egg congeals into a plastic-like form (Les said about 2 weeks) without any hint of bacteria odor or indications of decay, you have successfully mummified your egg and can reconstitute it by soaking in water for 24 hours and them cook in hot water to make a poached egg.
Think of how many tons of eggs are thrown away each year because of insufficient refrigeration or from spoilage due to extended storage. The carton of eggs is sitting on a pyramid energizer tray, which is simply a group of 20, 25 or 50 or 72 (any even number that will make a symmetrical tray) of 1.5 inch cardboard pyramids assembled onto a single tray. Cut out the outline of each pyramid and only snip the short solid line in the center of each side where it touches the corner points of the base.
You can leave enough room around the perimeter of the tray to attach a small wooden edging ledge to butt the sides of the pyramids against.
When you set water or food or plants on these trays, they will pick up this energy and exhibit more life force. If properly aligned with true north, there is no reason you won't get the same results that Les Brown acheived when he was running these experiments back in the 1970s. Building Plans cartoons from the CartoonStock directory Building Plans cartoon 10 – search ID ahan21. It has been measured throughout the centuries by many brilliant men, using cubits, metrics and inches, and after years of controversy as to whose measurements were right, the consensus of opinion accepted inches as being nearest to the correct measurement.
Anyone can download Google Earth for free and take advantage of the satellite images that cover the entire planet. You could then use a string (or laser pen) inside the house to connect these points and mark out parallel lines throughout the room so you would know exactly where the north-south axis lays in any room of your house.

Once I do that, I now have one side of my pyramid that is perfectly perpendicular to True North, exactly as seen with the Great Pyramid of Giza. To get the Giza action, you MUST orientate one side of the base to align with an axis to true north and secure it in place so it won't move after you've set it correctly. But If mummified, these eggs could remain in storage indefinitely and witout any need for refrigeration. Les Brown recommends placing a thin gauge aluminum panel (or a heavy cardboard covered with aluminum foil) on top of the energizer to distribute the weight of the food placed on top and to consolidate the pyramid energy being transmitted from the tips of the individual pyramids.
Carefully score the thin cardboard using a butter knife or awl along the dotted lines and fold in the edge flaps and glue the flaps to each other to hold the pyramid together. This ledge can be used to keep the tray firmly in place with screws or clamps once orientated on a true north-south axis.
The plants that Les grew inside his 46 foot pyramid green house in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada produced vegetbles that were 2 to 3 times larger than comparable crops grown outside of his pyramid. Unless your 'antennae' is pointed exactly at the radio transmitter, you're not going to pull in the signal.
Of course, we cannot build a pyramid as large as the northern hemisphere, but whatever size is built, if built in correct ration to the Great Pyramid of Cheops, it will give 100 percent performance. Sure enough, when I checked the west side of the Pyramid it ran exactly parallel to the left side margin of my screen, which confimred for me that the screen shot was orientated to precise geophysical north. When you're ready to set up your pyramid or energizer tray, you can use these pre-determined north-south markers to align your pyramid or energizer tray precisely along the north-south axis.
I need to mark this azimuth line on the fixed table or platform that holds my pyramid so I can re-align the side of my pyramid if it gets knocked out of position.
The north pointing arrow on the compass always points to the 360 degree mark on the outer scale, so I rotate the outer (moveable) bezel ring so the long green Azimuth Line is pointing to the top dead center of the compass needle. These are the three critical measurements you need to build your pyramid and match the 51 degree, 51 minute, 14 second slope of the Giza pyramid. Once reconstituted by soaking in water for 24 hours, the eggs would tase just as good as fresh. If we add together the diagonals of the Great Pyramid's base, we find the sum to be 25,827 inches, a figure which also represents the number of years in the precession of the equinox. This will be the length of the apothem, that is, the length of the center line down one of the sloping sides of the pyramid.
You will also be shown whether your Magnetic North is located east or west of True North by indicating a plus sign. It's easy to make these little pyramids and once you made a couple of them, you'll find that it doesn't take that long to make 20 or 30 of them. Finish off the triangle by drawing two lines (D) and (E), each running from the top of the mark you have made on the center line (C) down to a bottom corner of your base. I then rotate my body (while holding the compass) so the green line aligns with the 348 degree mark on the outer scale (360 degrees - 12 degrees = 348 degrees).
By measuring these lines you now have the length of the side edges of your pyramid, and you already know the base measurement. When you look at the triangle you have just drawn, it may look too tall, but dopn't forget that it has to lean in to join with the other three sides.
However, to increase the precision of alignment, I decided to spend more money and I ordered a high end German compass that uses a much larger diameter scale and has a magnifier and increment readings of 1 degree accuracy (I love this baby). When all four sides are put together you will have a pyramid the right height and leaning in at 51 degrees, 51 minutes, 14 seconds.

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