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This self-powered product family for wireless communication operates in the globally-assigned 2.4 GHz frequency band.
National Instruments: Have You Considered ?a Modular Source Measure Unit for Your Test System? We think the Penguin Night Light is a great way to brighten up your child’s room while teaching him about renewable energy. My wife purchased one of these, and the internal battery lasted about 2 hours, and now it does not hold a charge at all.
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Intro: Simple squeeze led flashlightNearly 200 years ago Michael Faraday has discovered electromagnetic induction. It opens the self-powered technology to new markets, particularly for applications that request a global use for energy harvesting wireless communication.
3D data, provided together with the technical data sheet, facilitates the prototyping of various housings.

With the 2.4 GHz offering, OEMs can now realise batteryless switch applications for worldwide use. Designers of 2.4 GHz based products can integrate EnOcean energy harvesting in their portfolio for batteryless, wireless room-level control, via wall switches, contact sensors or remote controls. Well, doing experiments with a relay and a magnet, early 2013, I discovered on my oscilloscope screen a useful voltage. I call this kinetic generator the RattleGen because, by pressing the lever of the relay quickly (the only moving part!) it makes a rattling noise.
Compared to 100 years of dyna flashlight based on a rotating generator, the RattleGen squeezer is nearly indestructible because of the few mechanical parts. This Ibble is part of an ongoing investigation for smallscale, batteryless energy harvesting. Then I took a small relay; the output peak voltage of the relay coil was 35 volt, without load. Take care; depending on the iron of the relay coil a stronger magnet will not give more flux, this because of the saturation.

If you make the gap bigger between the contact lever and the relay coil the output will enhance. The magnet I use is a ringmagnet 10x6mm with a hole of 4mm, power N48 with a holding power of 3kg. The cheapest car relays are only around 1 euro and that is right into the ally of my kind of workshops, but I'm not sure if those would be suitable. Using mechanical oscillation or resonation to produce more pulses enhances de efficiency of the RattleGen.

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