I just returned from my first Carnival Cruise and sharing travel tips I wish I had known before I left on vacation!
The main lobby deck is shaded and a great place to get away from the crowds around the pool. Disclosure: This was a sponsored post by Carnival as a part of their Brand Ambassador program.
My class took our Senior Trip on a cruise and one of the girls used the behind the ear patches, they did not work out well for her. I also heard about you can bring a 12 pack of soda, Question, if there is two of us I was going to put both packs in one luggage with other items like shoes(not clothes) will they take any soda out if it is in my bag and not divided between my husbands bag?
Prepare for your next cruise vacation with articles about your favorite cruise destinations, cruise planning tips, and much more! Explore some of the most exciting cruise vacation destinations in the world, including Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Japan, and more! May 7, 2014 By Annemarie LeBlanc 30 Comments Youa€™re ready to book your first cruise and hit the high seas.
I keep seeing wonderful cruises about and wondering if it was for me so these tips are fantastic thank you. I’ve never been on a cruise in my life but I will surely remember these little tips when I take my first one. Great tip about planning the carryon bag carefully, especially for those with small children or health needs. I’ve never been on a cruise so I really appreciate being able to plan and anticipate for certain things.
These are great tips but you wouldn’t catch me dead on a cruise, I just couldn’t go on one!
I always thought cruises were for the older folk, but my BFF and her friend went on one in the Caribbean this winter and said it was a riot!
I have really bad ears and vertigo pretty bad, so I was worried about going on a ship and getting sick.

If you want a good seat by the main pool, be sure to bring towels and save your chairs on the way to pick up breakfast.
Wear elastic waist pants or a flowing dress and order Carnival’s Chocolate Melting Cake every night!
I like what our cruise director Chris said on the first formal night: Be sure to wear your good outfit on the first formal night because you might not be able to wear it by the end of the trip! Great advice from one of my readers: Bring a power cord to plug in more than one item and a nightlight. Sharing a tiny bathroom in a tiny room with your family… you’ll be glad you have it!
When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. But before you rush to the ship doors take a moment to read some of the ins and outs of cruising. You can find her sipping martinis in some of the most exotics locations in the world, having a beer at her local pub or canoeing on a beautiful lake in the Adirondacks. However I had to research and write a paper in an ethics class about the laws governing cruise ships and after reading everything I did, I’m not sure I would ever go on one. I’ve been planning to go on a cruise and so would have to take these tips into consideration for my trip.
We didn’t pose for any pictures, but I had a great time watching all the families dressed in the same colors for family photos. I actually felt fine on the ship and didn’t need the Sea Bands, but brought them just in case. Another tip is we kept our luggage getting on and off saved so much time literally walked on and off the boat with ease this suggestion is if u r traveling without children.
These will help any first-time cruiser learn what to expect and how to prepare for their journey. With so many options in the marketplace today ita€™s important to spend some time learning about the line.

You are likely to have extra charges on-board even if youa€™ve booked an all-inclusive package.
Beverages (especially alcoholic drinks), shore excursions, spa trips, and internet fees are just a few different things that you are likely to be paying extra for. Some cruise lines automatically add in a standard tip a€“ anything above and beyond that is up to you. Keep track of how many times you swipe your room key so you dona€™t end up with an expensive surprise at the end of your trip.
But you are so right – heading back to the ship early from excursions is so worth it! A quick Google search will give you plenty of information but be sure to go past the information supplied by PR companies or travel agents. Bathing suits, sunscreen, and extra clothes a€“ anything you might need that first day should be in your carry-on bag.
There are many forums and review sites where previous passengers can rate their experiences, good and bad.
Most cruises offer more than one option for dining so if forma lwear just doesna€™t appeal to you, therea€™s likely a less formal option on board.
Some other examples are the presence of small envelopes for inserting cash or having gratuity automatically added to your tab.
Also, dona€™t forget to check the Better Business Bureau for a rating on the company and any history of complaints. Believe it or not, there are a few cruise lines that insurance companies will no longer underwrite for travel insurance because of long-standing problems.

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