It is NOT a definitive guide, but it will get you started in the right direction.  You should always consult reloading manuals and the operation manual of your reloading press for specific guidelines for setup. This adjustment is common when you change from a hollow point to a round nose, or from 230grain to 185gr bullet.
I also added some accessories to speed up my process, like a bullet tray on the left side of my press, an Low Primer Warning Sensor, and a Dillon Case Counter (no longer made) on top of my crimp die.

I hope this little write-up gives you some insight to the process of reloading and maybe give you the courage to jump into it.  I hope to have a video set up soon, but no guarantee!  I suck at videos.
No, just as long as it’s not aluminum casing (as found with most CCI Blazer brand ammo) or steel casing (as found with foreign military surplus).

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