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Of course, the huge variety Royal Caribbean has to offer extends further than just the onboard experience. Royal Caribbean Sale in January 2015 Cruise Deals Expert The Australian cruise deal and travel guide with lots of cruise ship information.
Royal Caribbean loves to offer a first in the cruise industry, and we think they have just succeeded with their latest announcement.
By using this technology you will be able to do some cruise planning of your own by using Street View, which will come in handy seeing as though how big Allure of the Seas is. All it takes is a few clicks and you will be exploring the largest cruise ship in the world, where you will be able to take in areas such as the promenade, restaurants, lounges and so much more. According to Royal Caribbean more than 20,000 images were taken of Allure of the Seas, which took more than 60 hours in all to complete over eight days.
We hope that this is the start and that RCI will do this for all of their ships, and that other cruise ship companies do the same thing, as it gives you a far better idea of the ship you are about to cruise on. This was their first time on a RCI ship, which just so happened to be the Allure of the Seas, which is one of the largest cruise ships in the world, next to her sister ship Oasis.
Len Testa and Laurel Stewart spent a week on Allure and were finally able to offer an insightful Royal Caribbean vs. Most of you would think that Disney would be the victor seeing as though they are considered to be more upmarket, but with so many categories, it would be hard for them to win them all.
Quantum of the Seas is all set to go into service from November and will become a very important class of ship for Royal Caribbean, as she will be the most technically advanced ship in the fleet, and so we cannot wait to see what passengers think of her. While we already know the basic layout and design of these cabins thanks to renders on the Royal Caribbean website and brochures, we have yet to see what they look like for real, until now. Quantum of the Seas cabin fixtures and functionally from latest video – In the video below RCI Blog has gone behind the scenes at Meyer Werft, where they put the cabins together in a pre-fab sort of way. In the video you will see how these Quantum of the Seas staterooms are constructed and helps to highlight the functionally of the production line. Have you booked to go on the first few Quantum of the Seas cruises, if so please let us know which cabin type you have gone for. The Voyager of the Seas refit is to begin a little later this year and will be completely finished in October, and with it will bring a host of changes to Australia’s largest cruise ship. We have yet to learn how much this Voyager of the Seas refurbishment is costing, although RCI has said it is a multi-million dollar project. Voyager will be the first ship in Australia to come with the FlowRider surfing simulator, which has proved a popular attraction with other Royal Caribbean ships; something that we know Australian’s will love. Staterooms are to get a refresh, with interior rooms coming with virtual balconies offering live views of the ocean. Voyager of the Seas is to also get a 3D movie theatre, which is already a huge feature on some of the larger Royal Caribbean ships.
The Quantum of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s latest cruise ship and it exited the Meyer Werft Shipyard in Germany with a 30-foot-tall magenta polar bear featured on top deck. Quantum of the Seas will be a ship showcasing what makes life worth living, and this is appropriately what the theme of this art collection is following.
You can learn more about the polar bear sighting on Quantum of the Seas within the video below this article, which has been created by artist Lawrence Argent. Royal Caribbean’s polar bear art piece might be larger than life, but it came with a number of challenges during the construction and design process. We have said it on so many occasions and we will say it again, when you tell people that you have booked a cruise they reply by saying that all you will do is eat and put weight on. With so much food choice it is often tough to know what to eat, although one of the most popular food items is the burger and they don’t have to be plain and boring like you often see from fast-food chains. They have narrowed the burgers down to 8, which is pretty good considering the huge choice available on RCI cruise ships. It’s hard to know which is the best Royal Caribbean burger, and so we ask that you make your choice out of the list provided on the blog that we have linked to above. Shipping Julia episode 1 onboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas started just over 2 weeks ago and the second episode appeared online exactly 7 days later on the 10th of August. The popularity of Shipping Julia is seen within the 233,000 views currently for episode 1, and similar high viewing numbers for the other episodes released so far.
Some people feel the acting is bad and for that reason couldn’t take it seriously, although other viewers have said the series is making them want to take a cruise on the very ship featured. What we love about the series is the fact it’s short and reveals different areas of the ship close up. Have you enjoyed watching the Shipping Julia web series and of course taking a closer look at the Allure of the Seas cruise ship? It’s still not too late to take advantage of Royal Caribbean all-inclusive 2015 cruises, although you only have till the end of the month in order to benefit from the incentive. Thankfully, for a limited time Royal Caribbean will pick up the tab for all your beer, wine and soft drinks up to the value of $8 per drink. Criteria in order to benefit from Caribbean all-inclusive – You will notice that this only applies to cruises to the Caribbean, which you can see the available options on the Royal Caribbean website. You must remember that existing bookings will not receive this offer and only apply to certain RCI ships, details of which can be found here. We knew that Royal Caribbean had ordered a third Quantum class ship, and we can now tell you that its name is to be Ovation of the Seas. Many questions have been asked as to the Ovation of the Seas homeport, but it is way too early for this to be announced.

Royal Caribbean should take delivery of Ovation in the autumn of 2016 and will no doubt be almost similar to its sister ships. The three Quantum class ships weigh in at 167,800 gross registered tons and will carry a maximum of 4,180 passengers. Royal Caribbean understands that it is a very important part of its marketing budget to have a reputable company in place to handle the social media responsibility. A new company has now been appointed to handle all things social media for Royal Caribbean UK.
A total of $90 million is spent on Royal Caribbean’s advertising budget, although that is global and not the UK part.
Holler already has an impressive portfolio, working with the likes of Mercedes, McDonald’s, P&G, although the biggest has to be Red Bull. There is no denying the huge social presence Red Bull has, and if Holler can replicate this with Royal Caribbean, then this could be a perfect partenership. There’s not long to go until Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship takes to the seas and begins her itineraries, and so the Quantum of the Seas countdown is moving ahead at an alarming rate. 99 days of Quantum has been running for a few weeks now and gives us insight into the progress of Quantum of the Seas, and the latest news was that she was finally at Bremerhaven, Germany following the installation of the North Star, which will be a passenger favourite . These seas trials need to go without a hitch, and also hope the weather in the UK does not start to get much worse, as the schedule is very tight, and Quantum of the Seas is set to sail from Southampton on November 2nd. If you visit the Royal Caribbean Blog you will see a video and photos of the North Star being installed, along with new details for onboard shopping, bars and a few surprises. What we do not understand is why there is not an official Quantum of the Seas countdown on Facebook, as this is what Norwegian did with Breakaway. Oasis of the Seas has now finished having her refit and finally came into the port of Southampton earlier today. If you were not lucky enough to see Oasis of the Seas in Southampton, there are pictures over on the Daily Echo, as well as a video of her entering the port below.
This is the first time that Oasis of the Seas has visited the UK, and so took a lot of skill to get such a large ship into port, although the experience of the Captain and pilots made certain everything went smoothly.
Many cruise lovers made the trip down to Southampton in order to see just how magnificent this giant of a cruise ship is. She is due to set sail again later tonight, once the more than 6,000 passengers have boarded. If you were down the south coast yesterday, then there would have been a good chance you would have seen Quantum of the Seas entering the port of Southampton. With the number of people looking out for the most technically advanced ship on the seas, it was no surprise that people quickly took to social media sites and YouTube to share some Quantum of the Seas pictures and videos, as she makes her way into in Southampton.
If you head over to the Royal Caribbean UK Facebook page you will see various images at different stages of her coming into port, there is even a nice one of her rear end, which you can see above. There are four photos in all, but if you head to Twitter you will already see that the public have already uploaded a great deal more images of Quantum of the Seas coming into Southampton. We also have a Quantum of the Seas video taken in Southampton, which helps give you a better perspective of her size, and while not as big an an Oasis Class, she has more to offer because of the latest technology being used, and will no doubt be used in one form or another when Royal Caribbean starts to refurbish some of its older ships once again. The Explorer of the Seas has sustained a bit of damage during a storm, although the Royal Caribbean has said it does not affect the safety of the cruise ship. According to Royal Caribbean Blog a huge wave that measured around 40 feet hit the lifeboats on deck four, which you can see an image of above. We do love a good cruise, but there are areas where we tend to stay away from, choosing to go places where the waters are calmer.
Doors are closed so that water cannot enter the ship during bad weather, but some water managed to get through a sliding door on deck four, which in turn flooded the aft of the deck. Quantum of the Seas has finally joined the Royal Caribbean fleet and is the most technically advanced cruise ship on the seas, and no doubt other companies will be looking at the innovations to see what they can adapt. The company did want to use some of the more popular features such has RFID-enabled Wow bands and the “bionic” bartenders, but these cannot be retrofitted to older ships because the technology is complicated.
Oasis and Allure of the Seas will get to benefit from some of the other features from Quantum, such as Dynamic Dining on the both and Mamma Mia on Allure.
However, this means pricing will have to change on the current Internet on those ships, and while we do not know what the pricing will be, we do know that Royal Caribbean is already around 20 percent lower than rival cruise ship companies.
Several days ago Royal Caribbean had to inform passengers on Freedom of the Seas that they were unable to call at the private island of CocoCay, and also reduce the amount of time spent in St. Royal Caribbean has said the issue is due to the ships center fixipod, which is the same that affected Allure of the Seas, and that one of the bearings is not in good condition.
With the ship only being able to travel at 18 knots she will not be able to make all ports of call, and the time spent in certain ports will need to be adjusted. Royal Caribbean Blog reports that Freedom of the Seas is due a dry dock session in January 2015, which will be the perfect time for repairs to be made to the propulsion system.
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They currently have 24 magnificent ships that sail to over 240 stunning ports across the globe, including a range of incredible itineraries on three fantastic ships from the UK! RCI announced yesterday that they have started to work with the Google Maps team and its Street View service, allowing you to see around Allure of the Seas.. What is more impressive is that a normal DSLR camera was used and not the usual camera used by Google.
Disney Cruise Line podcast uploaded to the formers blog you would assume that it would be biased in its outcome, but believe it or not, it is not as bad as you would assume.
There are so many things to look forward to in the ship, and the cabins are just one of them. This means they are fully assembled with fixtures and fittings and then just lifted into place ready for the final fit. This is not a new way of producing these cabins, as the ship builders have done them this way for a while.

The ship already has some great features, such as the rock-climbing wall and ice-skating rink, but Royal Caribbean wants to add more.
However, with what they have planned to bring to the cruise ship it will be money well spent. These rooms will have an 80-inch screen to project the images on, giving you the feeling that you have an outside cabin. This art piece is part of Royal Caribbean’s plan of featuring an art collection worth $5.2 million and one of a few thousand pieces around the ship.
There will be artwork from a number of artists including Lawrence Argent, Soo Sunny Park, and Paul Villinski. The artist discusses what these challenges were during the video and also touches on the rewards for building a piece with such impact. This is true to a point because eating while on a cruise ship you do eat far more than at home, but there is also so much more to do, and you can also choose to exercise to try and counter the extra food intake. While checking out the Royal Caribbean Blog they have been looking at the best Royal Caribbean cruise ship burgers, one of which will not be served up until Quantum of the Seas begins her itineraries.
The one that we mentioned above is Jamie’s Italian and will appear on the Quantum of the Seas menu, although this one does already feature in his restaurants across the UK.
We haven’t featured any of these videos before for our readers, so you can find all three episodes below along with the latest that arrived on YouTube just 2 days ago.
The series follows Julia, and her family as they take a cruise vacation together onboard Allure of the Seas. This means you can watch Shipping Julia in a short space of time, but also get to see things like the FlowRider and Surfing Wipeouts.
Some of you new to cruising may already think that cruises are already all-inclusive, but you still have to pay for the likes of drinks and tips. Gratuities will also be paid for, so you know you will not have to think about that extra fee either. There is a good choice available, but remember you only have until September 30th to take advantage.
The steel cutting ceremony took place the other day at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, which is the same shipyard where the other two of these class ships are being built, although RCI will soon take delivery of Quantum of the Seas. We say almost because there are expected to be minor changes to some of the venues inside to reflect the region where it will call home.
This is a next-generation ship in terms of design and features for Royal Caribbean, which we have discussed on many occasions.
The UK arm of the cruise ship operator had been looking for a replacment of the two companies that handles that side of the busies. Holler landed the job following a successful pitch, and is the first time Royal Caribbean gave the job to just the one media agency. It is next month when passengers will finally get to see just how innovative the ship is, and a series of posts on an unoffocial fan blog spills the progress of what is looking set to be the most technically advanced ship on the seas.
It was a big deal to have the world’s largest cruise ship (joint with her sister Allure) stop off at the UK’s port.
This was such a big occasion and so we had tug boats spraying water, as well as helicopters circling her as she maneuvered into City Cruise Terminal. Once she leaves port, the destination will be Fort Lauderale, Florida, calling at Vigo, Spain along the way. She is so big that she could be seen for miles, even in places like Ryde, as we know she came in from that direction. A large wave smashed into Explorer of the Seas and hit its lifeboats, where one sustained some damage, but seeing as though new cruise ships have more than enough lifeboats, there is still enough for all passengers and crew. We would imagine that these passengers were scared when sailing through those rough waters, although it is to be expected at this time of year in certain regions. However RCI is already doing this with its new Quantum of the Seas features and wants to bring them to some of its other ships, such as Oasis and Allure. However, Crusie Critic has learned those features will appear on Anthem of the Seas, as well as Ovation and Oasis 3.
Both will also get the new high-speed Internet, which will no doubt make some cruisers very happy. The company made the decision to remove the propeller blade from the center pod and cruise 5 knots slower than usual, which will have repercussions on future sailings and their itineraries.
Once again, there will be no cancellation, just readjustments due to the ship moving at a slower speed.
There's the very soothing ShipShape Spa, two pools, six whirlpools, a fabulous observatory, and the Masquerade Theatre, which features nightly entertainment, like Broadway-inspired musicals and that's just for starters. This is a ship built for adventure, too, with rock climbing, the Casino Royale®, and entertainment including shows, live music, plus bars and lounges that never have a cover. Instead of a mega post with all the cruise brands, each one will have its own post on Cruise Deals Expert.
This is because cruisers who have made a living from writing about Disney cruises conducted the study. However, we still find it hard to believe if this is legit or not because if the pendulum swung the other way would RCI blog have made a podcast on it?
This means improved Wi-Fi throughout the ship, as well as interactive TVs in each stateroom.
What makes this so special is the use of higher quality beef and garnishes that you are used to seeing in Italy.
If you are sailing form the US, the drinking limit for alcohol is 21, and from the UK is 18. Things such as North Star, Two70 entertainment venue and Sea-Plex, are just a few examples of this. However, by doing so it will mean that will be an increased focus, instead of the watered down version you get when you have difference companies having to liaise with the cruise company. Many visitors made their way to Southampton just to get a glimpse of just how larger Oasis is.
The cruise company has not cancelled the cruise or any future one, although they did issue free onboard credit.
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