The Energy Saving Trust has advised that UK businesses could save £50m a year in fuel bills between them by reducing unnecessary weight from their vans and LCVs.
Cenex, a Centre of Excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies, carried out research for the Energy Saving Trust and found that driving a fully laden van as opposed to empty one increased consumption by as much as 33% in the case of a panel van like the Fiat Ducato. Energy Saving Trust Senior Knowledge Manager Tim Anderson said: "Drivers often treat commercial vans as mobile store rooms for rarely needed equipment or parts, reducing the vehicle's fuel economy. Nicholas Beardslee: Great job on the fork attachment, I'll be attempting to make a set for my 1023e also. TJisellu: Yeah, a front end loader would be a lot better at this, but it's around $2000 more, and I understand you can't get one to fit the 2013 model (yet?). The findings are based on shedding 75kg – the weight of an empty industrial cylinder or a few bags of cement.

If you could also send me some of the pictures of the forks and any info to assist me in making the forks then that would be great. Neat if you are just moving loose mulch, but probably not so good with a pile of dirt dumped a week ago. They are easily custom made and make these even more useful.Justin H: Thanks for sharing this video!
The massey i liked but i felt like the mower on it was somewhat cheap and didnt do as nice of a job cutting. I am constantly amazed by this "little" john deere will do!C True: Have you had any problems with your tractor?
I was thinking of this type of unit for my older John Deere but went with the Johnny Bucket Sr.

After using the bucket I wish I would have spent a little more money and got a front end loader. But if you want to dig a little more and be able to load stuff in a trailer or truck then the FEL would be better.
Still any of them is a back saving device.isellu: Thanks for your comment and enjoy your big X728!

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