The city of New Orleans makes a great destination for sea faring visitors not only for its active port, but also for the fun that can be found inland. The vast lands of Africa, Arabia and the Middle East offer Silversea cruisers an exciting way to learn and observe the diverse cultures that have served as the bedrock of society. There’s nothing more thrilling than a cruise to Africa, especially given the chance to spot an elephant or a lion while on a safari.
Capital of Cape Winelands, Stellenbosch is a university town lined with Dutch-style streets and architecture. The Pumba Game Reserve offers an exhilarating experience and a chance to scout for the five most difficult animals for hunters to hunt. Located in Durban, the world class U-Shaka Marine World attracts tourists looking for an exciting, unique and up close adventure with the sharks of the Indian Ocean. On your way to the canoeing adventure you’ll pass the East London Museum, which houses many excellent exhibits that include the coelacanth, a fish that has been extinct since 80 million years ago. Sometimes it’s fun to throw caution to the wind and just pack your bags and get away. See some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, along with wildlife and cultures that will leave you in awe with an MSC Cruises South America cruise. Awe inspiring views, hip shaking dances and delightful culture are what to expect in South America. In the summer of 2013, the people of Buenos Aires were amazed to find out that the new pope, Pope Francis, was elected from their very own city. Travel to the stunning city of São Paulo, where the winding roads of the plateau offer exciting scenery.
Journey to the Church of Bonfim and the Farol da Barar, the oldest military structure in Brazil, along with many other interesting landmarks of Salvador.
The historic churches, cobbled streets and neighboring waterfalls and islands of Paraty will leave you with breathtaking views and cultural knowledge of the town. Begin your tour of the charming city of Montevideo with trips to 20th century architecture and historical sites across Montevideo.

Most of these are quaint steamboats with short trips up the Mississippi River or around the Mississippi Delta. Relish the rich traditions in Richard’s Bay, where you can explore the Zulu culture or set out on a safari. Continue below to check out some of the other exciting Silversea cruise excursions awaiting you in Africa. These elusive species are referred to as the Big Five: lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopards. You’ll enter a safety cage and be lowered into the water to view sharks like the ragged-tooth shark and the Zambezi shark (aka bull shark). You’ll canoe down the Nahoon River where the birdlife is plentiful and unique, including kingfishers, herons, wooly necked stork, fish eagles and many more! Last Minute Cruises makes it possible to get first rate accommodations and pay second rate prices.
While at port in Buenos Aires, you can sample the legendary nightlife of the city, or spend a relaxing night shopping at the local market. When cruising to South America with MSC Cruises, you can see Rio from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, learn about the roots of Pope Francis in Buenos Aires and visit vineyards in Uruguay. You will get to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Church of San Francisco, both big inspirations to the Pope because of their strong representation of the Catholic community. Travel by cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain for breathtaking views of the famous Guanabara Bay and the Christ the Redeemer Statue.
As you continue your journey through the plateaued city, enjoy the view of the coastline to Campo Grande, Salvador’s historic center. The emerald-green sea turtles and historic buildings will keep your attention and will show you why Paraty is considered one of the most famous and charming towns. Cruisers who choose cruises in New Orleans as their port of call will be pleased with the array of cruises that are there for choosing, and also for the fun that can be had while waiting for their ship to set sail. Kick back on the beautiful beaches and savor the delicious wineries of South Africa, before heading out for an expedition on the imposing Table Mountain.

And after your thrilling day at a game reserve be sure to head to South Africa’s wine country for a relaxing meal. The National Parks Board has kept the mountain protected and maintains its 2,285 plant species. Make sure to check out the fish that swim below you and see otters and sea lions showing off their habitat.
In Rio de Janeiro, you can delve deep into the Brazilian rainforest by jeep, taking a wild expedition between the towering trees. The tour will continue to the Pope’s home neighborhood of Flores and to his home church of San Jose de Flores. The full tour will continue to the splendid Cathedral Square and City Square to see the Baroque Church of San Francisco. The Juanico Vineyards serve up a wide range of top quality white and red Uruguayan wines, including Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot for your enjoyment.
These cruises are usually catered by area restaurants, giving cruisers a real taste of the Big Easy’s famous cuisine. Interact with everything from lions to elephants to zebras and venture into lakes where you can find flamingoes and egrets—cruise to Arabia, Africa, and the Indian Ocean with Silversea. You’ll also get to see crocodiles and over 500 more bird species, including thousands of pelicans.
You’ll also have a chance to visit El Salvador School where he taught religion to students. Cruisers also get an eye-full of the area’s scenery, with the chance to witness the serene natural environment of the Mississippi Delta. A wide array of wildlife can be observed on these short trips around the delta, from reptiles to birds.

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