The Mariner of the Seas, shown here docked at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, will be based in Galveston beginning in 2011. This much is official: Royal Caribbean International will replace its 3,114-passenger Voyager of the Seas with the same-size but newer Mariner of the Seas for the 2011-2012 winter cruise season. This is speculation (but with a reliable source): Carnival Cruise Lines may bring the island port its first all-new megaship. Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen says that an announcement is anticipated within the next two weeks regarding the Magic’s North American home port. It’s unclear whether the Magic would join the Carnival Conquest and Carnival Ecstasy with a year-round presence in Galveston or if it would replace one of those vessels.
As for Royal Caribbean, the Mariner of the Seas’ move to Galveston is a win-win situation for two Gulf ports because the Voyager will transfer to New Orleans as the largest vessel ever based in that city. The Mariner and Voyager are identical in size – 130,000 tons, — and share the same basic layout and innovative features (including an ice rink, TV studio, in-line skating track, rock-climbing wall and indoor promenade). Conde Nast Traveler magazine readers, in a poll published in February 2009, ranked the Mariner No. The Mariner, currently based in Los Angeles, will take a circuitous route to Galveston, first offering cruises next winter in South America, then moving to Europe for the summer of 2011. Like the Voyager, the Mariner of the Seas will operate different itineraries on alternating weeks but with one major change – the introduction of Falmouth, a new Jamaican port conveniently located between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Travel agents and Royal Caribbean already are accepting reservations for the Mariner’s first season in Galveston. Cruise lines often take their guests to several Hawaiian Islands, but only a small percentage have the opportunity to visit Molokai as part of their itineraries. What to BringPack For a Purpose and help Tropic Destination Ecuador create a children library in three communities. Selected hotels on every location have been carefully chosen to provide you with the comfort, care and relaxation you require in this exquisite journey.
We depart from the Chimbacalle train station in Quito at 8:00 am on board the Tren Crucero.
After lunch we will continue on board the train to Urbina station located at 11,840 feet above sea level (3,609 msnm.). According to Cruise Critic, the world’s most respected online cruise news site, “all signs point to Galveston” as a base for the 3,646-passenger Carnival Magic, now under construction in Italy. Cruise Critic’s report cites travel agents as saying the ship will depart Barcelona, Spain, on Oct.
Make a Nightly Hot Bread Run: Located in Kaunakakai, Kanemitsu Bakery serves up mouthwateringly delicious breads and pastries. The train will take you on an exceptional trip across different ages and periods of Ecuadorian history.
We start our trip travelling on board the train to our next train station El Boliche located in the surroundings of Cotopaxi National Park. The hacienda features incredible Inca walls and constitutes the further place from Cuzco in the north were you can admire an imperial style palace. This hacienda once lodged important scientists as Alexander Von Humboldt and the members of the French Geodesic Mission while they attempted to measure the exact circumference of Earth for the first time in modern history.

Urbina, the highest train station in the country, will reserve a special moment for us when we meet the last ice-trader who will kindly share with us his daily craft to the slopes of Chimborazo Volcano to dig ice from the very same glacier. But these developments would be a huge boon to Texas cruisers antsy that no new ships have arrived since December 2007. Carnival Magic is the second in the cruise line’s newest class of ships, following the Carnival Dream, which sails from Port Canaveral, Fla. About once each month, the ship sails instead to Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas, and Key West, Fla. The Voyager was the first in a five-ship class; the Mariner is the newest among that quintet. Other vacationers sometimes take the ferry from Maui or a quick plane ride to visit Molokai for a day.
Unspoiled and relatively undeveloped, Molokai has some of the most incredible vistas found in the Hawaiian Islands. Whether arriving in Kalaupapa by mule, via plane, or hiking on foot over three miles down the Pali Trail to the park, visiting Kalaupapa is a key reason to come to Molokai. An important part of any visit to Molokai is learning about the island’s history and its culture. Its convoy features four different coaches, each one with its own style reflecting Ecuadorian history and culture. Once there, our journey continues on board modern coach buses to explore Cotopaxi National Park.
The hacienda also lodged the most important South American hero, the Liberator Simon Bolivar who led four countries to become independent from Spain. On the way we will explore a rose plantation to learn more about the world renowned Ecuadorian roses and how this flower is grew. We will depart on board the train with an impressive restored steam locomotive across fascinating Andean landscapes to Colta community.
The train will perform a zigzag maneuver in order to descent 535 meters of altitude by traveling 12 kilometers.
With a restored steam locomotive, we will pass through typical coast plantations such as bananas, sugarcane and rice. The Ecstasy conducts four-day cruises to Cozumel and five-day voyages to Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico. This tranquil island isn’t overrun with throngs of tourists, so Molokai’s natural beauty can be fully enjoyed. Now a National Historical Park, Molokai’s Kalaupapa Peninsula was formerly a place of exile for those with Hansen’s disease – previously known as leprosy. The local community will display an impressive exhibition of syncretism with local dancers playing a typical ballet. We will make a short stop at a viewpoint to appreciate this major engineering achievement that led engineers to call this train as the most difficult in the world.
Once in Bucay we will explore a Shuar community, which migrate many years ago from the Amazon basin to the Coast. Participants on the site’s popular message boards say Carnival briefly advertised that trans-Atlantic sailing on its website, but as of this past weekend it was not listed.

Elder Anakala Pilipo Solatorio brings Molokai’s history to life through his fascinating stories and authentic cultural traditions that he shares with guests, such as Ho’okupu – the gift giving ceremony. Cotopaxi is an important shelter for a variety of Andean fauna as caracaras, Andean gulls, Andean dear, wolves, the unique bear of South America, the spectacle bear and one of the last places to see occasionally the magnificent Andean Condor.
Almost 500 years ago the location where the actual church is located was the first landmark Christianity made upon arrival to this lands. Traversing this serpentine trail is a real adventure, and it’s often the favorite part of many vacationers’ visits to Molokai.
Surrounded by the world’s tallest sea cliffs, this hauntingly beautiful spot was once filled with heartache, grief and hope. His son, Gregory, and other resident family members lead the Halawa Valley Cultural Hike to 250-foot high Mo’oula Falls, approximately 1.7 miles each way.
The Ala Malama Avenue storefront is closed, but thread your way along the dark alleys (or follow the locals) to the red door for a delicious treat – hot sweet Hawaiian bread loaves slathered with fillings like strawberry, blueberry, cream cheese, cinnamon, and butter. Moorlands are also a highlight of the park as well as the impressive snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano rising almost 6.000 meters above sea level.
If weather conditions permits, we will have – from a safe distance – an impressive view of Tungurahua volcano, which is still active and occasionally offers nature?s most impressive scenery, an eruption. Back on the train, we will depart to Guamote where its impressive indigenous market awaits for you to discover it. Check out three-mile long Papohaku Beach, Kapukahehu Bay, Waialua Beach Park, and Kumimi Beach Park – also known as 20 Mile Beach, a popular spot for snorkeling. Legendary muleskinner Buzzy Sproat personally trains all of the mules and directs this activity.
Two saints, Father Damien and Mother Marianne, spent much of their lives ministering to those who lived here. Once at the falls, guests have the opportunity to take a swim in the pool underneath the waterfall – always a delicious treat after a long hike. This market is one of the last authentic markets in the Andes where traders still exchange products as they did 4 thousand years ago. The Kamakou Preserve, managed by the Nature Conservancy, is a spectacular rainforest area for hiking.
Although a cure for Hansen’s disease has been available since the early 1940’s, some former patients still live here by choice. Travelers who wish to visit Kalaupapa National Historical Park must set up their visits in advance with Damien Tours (808-567-6171) or Kalaupapa Rare Adventure can help with arrangements through Damien Tours as well. The Kalaupapa Mule Tour includes the two-way mule ride as well as a tour of Kalaupapa National Historical Park. No one under 16 years of age is permitted to visit Kalaupapa and no medical facilities for travelers are available here. Make reservations far in advance, as the company only allows a maximum of 18 mules per day on the trail and does not operate on Sundays.

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