Your details have been passed to our Personal Cruise Experts who will contactyou within 24 hours. Combining excellent facilities with an uncompromising commitment to professionalism, for which we are renowned, our fleet of ships epitomises the best of modern British cruising and offers an unrivalled holiday experience. If you are after a family-friendly ship, then take a look at Aurora, Azura, Oceana and Ventura. If you'd like a ship that's exclusively for adults, you should consider Arcadia or Oriana, that seeks out the more unusual parts of the world.
Britannia will combine signature P&O Cruises features with the very latest innovations in dining, entertainment and modern design. Learn the secrets to navigating the cities and cruise terminals your cruise will leave from.
With home offices based in Los Angeles, Crystal has long been a favorite of the well-heeled West Coast crowd (though actually a subsidiary of Tokyo-based NYK or Nippon Yusen Kaisha). Crystal Cruises was acquired by Genting Group (who owns the Singapore-based Star Cruises) in 2015, and the company announced plans to finally build a new ship. Crystal definitely has a feel of its own among the luxury vessels, and some people find it intoxicatingly addictive. Crystal focuses on image conscious, worldly passengers interested in self-knowledge and self-improvement. Crystal is unique among luxury ships as the ships are larger than Silversea or Seabourn, but closer in size to Regent.
The service on Crystal is hard to beat with an all European staff, even for room stewards and waiters, they offer the crewmembers an impressive benefits package too assure a low turnover rate. The line innovated the first computer training program at sea as far back as 1999 (copied by many other cruise lines eventually). Because Crystal's passengers generally prefer to stay aboard and attend lectures and computer classes, Crystal seems to call in relatively fewer ports per cruise than many other cruise lines. Obviously, being aboard a Crystal ship is being in the lap of luxury, and it is for people who appreciate that more than the world travel. Crystal's passengers are the most loyal in the industry, and the line makes its appreciation apparent. The Crystal Society offers $100 shipboard credit for each new-to-Crystal guest you bring with you (maximum $400 per year), while they will receive $100 shipboard credit for themselves. Crystal specializes in integrating destinations and shore excursions into theme-based adventures. Unlike most luxury cruise lines, Crystal also does not include Gratuities in its cruise fare. The servers in specialty restaurants Prego, Jade Garden, Silk Road and The Sushi Bar all expect $7.00 per person per dinner. Smoking will no longer be allowed in Starlite Club (aboard Crystal Symphony) and on verandahs of all staterooms and Suites aboard both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. If you were referred to this site by an existing member of CruiseMates, enter their username here.
From time to time, the administrators may want to send you email notices.If you do not want to receive these notices, disable this option. Optional: Create a unique username and password for CruiseMates below, or leave this unchanged to register through FaceBook. The Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas can each accommodate more than 4,000 guests in RCCL’s largest and most advanced staterooms.

Both vessels are being built at the Meyer Werft yard in Papenburg where the Quantum of the Seas is currently under construction in the building dock. The Cathelco pipework anti-fouling systems will protect a total of 20 seachests on each vessel serving extensive shipboard equipment including freshwater evaporators, reverse osmosis systems, air conditioning chillers and sea water cooling pumps. The ships are also being supplied with Cathelco impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) which will safeguard the hull surfaces against corrosion. The 250 amp forward system will have an arrangement of two 125 C-Max disc anodes and reference electrodes wired to a thyristor control panel and mounted port and starboard. Cathelco are also supplying ICCP systems for two cruise ships for Carnival and Holland America Line which are being constructed by the Italian shipbuilder Fincanteri. The 99,000 grt Holland America Line vessel will be capable of accommodating 2,660 passengers, while the 135,000 grt Carnival Cruise Lines ship will have a capacity of 4,000 people. The Holland America ship is scheduled for delivery in late 2015, whilst the new Carnival Cruise ship will enter service in the winter of 2016.
Both ships will have 200amp forward ICCP systems and 400 amp aft systems using arrangements of C-Max diver changeable disc anodes and reference electrodes. Posted on January 6, 2014 with tags Cathelco, cruise, equipment, europe, News by topic, protect, Quantum-Class, ships. Building a cruise ship involves so many aspects, aside to just construction of the ship’s steel structure.
The moment when we finally see unmanned ships in our harbours and seas is still some way off. But what you'll also find is that each cruise ship has a number of unique features and facilities. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping on board a new ship for the first time, and whether you are new to cruising, or a veteran of the high seas, your moments on board our new cruise ship, Britannia, designed by world-leading interior design experts, are sure to be truly memorable. With free, age-specific children’s clubs, night nurseries and family-focused shore excursions for our younger guests, and areas reserved just for the grown ups, all of our family-friendly ships offer an ideal way to holiday.
Crystal Cruises is the luxury cruise line of choice for voyagers deep-pocketed enough to afford a luxury cruise, but gregarious and lively enough to crave a larger ship (by luxury standards) and lots of fellow passengers and a broad range of activities and facilities. By luxury cruise line standards it is bigger than most, and with slightly smaller staterooms.
The service is impeccable, and if anything it can tend to be almost too personalized for private types, but if you love being doted upon then Crystal has the highest guest-to-staff ratios at sea.
Even on the balmiest afternoon, far fewer of your fellow passengers are likely to be sunning themselves by the pool than inside listening attentively to a guest expert lecture about climate change, personal finance or jewelry. Crystal, however, just upgraded its onboard policy to be more in line with other luxury cruise lines policies when it comes to what's included in the cruise fare. The crew to guest ratio better than one to two, which is very impressive when you consider Royal Caribbean's ratio is more like four passengers to every crewmember.
A former affiliation with Caesar's Casino in Las vegas to provide the onboard gaming has been replaced with inhouse management, but you will find a much more lavish casino on Crystal than you will on most cruise luxury cruise ships.
That isn't saying much since the luxury lines generally do not focus on production shows, but Crystals are the exception. For example, the 10-day May 31, 2007 Mediterranean cruise on Symphony, only stops at four ports (one for 2 days), while a comparable luxury line known for port-intensity on a 10-day, May 27, 2007 Mediterranean cruise stops at nine (including two in one day). The company has introduced a whole raft of passenger-pleasing new policies in recent years, none more popular than its Reserve Wine List of 20 rare and much-sought-after vintages. Crystal Society members receive special discounts on select cruises, including reservations made during a cruise, and enjoy special onboard parties and photo sessions with the Captain.

Benefits go up as you accumulate more cruises, including higher shipboard credits and free upgrades with every 10 additional cruises. The line also attracts a fair number of relatively younger (40s-50s) singles attracted by the line's single supplement program, usually more women than men single travelers, so the line often has gentlemen hosts aboard. Please be advised that select public areas, especially bars and lounges, will still permit smoking in certain areas.
Onboard, a Land Program Specialist can work up a personalized itinerary for those who prefer to set off on their own.
Each ship has a dedicated playroom, and a Junior Activities counselor is present on any cruise with ten or more children aboard.
At 348 metres in length and with 16 passenger decks, the new ships will offer the very latest in entertainment and recreational facilities.
The first ship is due for delivery in the autumn of 2014 with the Anthem of the Seas to follow in the spring of 2015.
The AF system will also protect a number of fire fighting pumps and their associated pipework.
For these seachests we are supplying pairs of our largest copper and aluminium anodes measuring 1100mm in length and 140mm in diameter”, said Carlo Soddu who has been closely involved in the project at Cathelco. The more powerful 350 amp aft system will have two 175 amp C-Max disc anodes and reference electrodes. They also provide greater connectivity enabling data to be displayed remotely or integrated with the ship’s computer systems. You no longer pay extra for beverages or gratuities - they are now all included in the cruise fare. Yes, it's smaller than Carnival, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Take a brand new factory Porsche for a test drive at the assembly plant in Liepzig, Germany. There are also occasional music-theme cruises with big bands and jazz singers, and such cruises usually involves going to special events on shore in keeping with the theme of the cruise. Tip the maitre d', headwaiter, assistant stewardess and night Room Service at your discretion. There are Junior Activities counselors aboard any Crystal cruise where 10 or more children are booked.
C-Max anodes are compact, lightweight and have the advantage of being diver changeable for easy replacement without drydocking. The size of the allows it to offer more onboard experiences; lectures, music classes, computer classes, feature films in a movie theater, and more. Onboard lessons in playing piano, speaking foreign languages,acting, fashion design and a host of other possible topics await you onboard. On other cruises, you can learn to play the stock market more shrewdly, study a language, or gain an increased appreciation for various sorts of art.
The company also just brought in an excellent new CEO, Edie Rodriguez (who for years was Larry Pimintel of Azamara Cruises' right hand). More themed cruises include mind and body cruises, Jazz cruises, film amd theater festivals and arts and antiques cruises.

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