We have a Hunger Games part of the server now where you can battle your friends and our staff in a fight to the death. Starting Today, I think we are officially closed for the public, we are not accepting any new members or having guests on anymore (until further notice). No there are other servers who think they have quality ships when they lack so much detail that someone can only tell what it is by its name or the logo on it. Could you take a look at the snabbserver then, I think that our quality is also really good. It looks like the English Countryside theme of limited edition items in FarmVille will be growing by leaps and bounds in the near future, as we've come across a whole set of new decorative items that look to fit into that theme.
Meet us behind the break for a look at the new decorative items.There are four new decorative items that you'll apparently be able to purchase as well (if we had to put money on it, we'd guess all of these items will be part of an update coming as early as this evening). We'll make sure to give you all of the details about these new items when they officially launch in the game, so keep checking back.Check out the rest of our English Countryside coverage right here.
Just yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek of a new Sussex Chicken that we believe will be coming to the English Countryside theme in FarmVille in the near future. We've seen through this update that the Sussex Chicken will offer you another chance at receiving English Mystery Eggs (check out their contents in our guide), and will apparently add 64 coins to your harvest total when you collect from your Chicken Coop everyday. There's no exact release date for the Sussex Chicken, but it could be released as early as this evening. While it could all just be some fanciful wording, the FarmVille Cows facebook page (run by Zynga, and created back in the war between Cows and Sheep as the dominate farm animal) was updated just minutes ago, thanking the page's 4.3 million fans for being just that - fans of the FarmVille cows and their movement. The update goes on to say that of this great "herd" of players, "we're going to need every single one of you to support us in the dark days to come." What exactly could this "dark days" reference mean? Whether this is just clever wording, to get users talking, or if it's really some sort of foreshadowing of things to come, we'll make sure to keep an eye on this situation, and will let you know if another war of the barnyard is set to break lose in the game.Have you seen this update on the FarmVille Cows fan page? Thanks to a pop-up found by FVMasters, a new "Travel Options" window has apparently been added to the game, allowing you to choose from two options: "Pause one farm" which keeps things they way they are currently, with only one farm being active at once, or "Play both farms" which turns on all timers for both farms. Personally, if this does turn out to be a real thing, I only have one thing to say about that. A new community building has been added to CityVille in the form of the City Works building. The building itself can be found under the Community Buildings section of the store for 6,000 coins. Once your City Works building is entirely staffed, you'll be able to add an additional 350 citizens to your town's overall population. We'll make sure to let you know if the City Works building is updated to include a function other than a population boost in the future, so keep checking back.Did you build a City Works building in your town, or do you need that land for something else? Load CityVille this evening and you're likely to see the newest loading screen that's been added to the game, giving all users a sneak peek as to a new feature, or at least a new item, that will be setting sail in the game soon. Zynga goes on to officially announce the Cruise Ship screenshot in the game's official forums, where they add the question "Where will they take your citizens?" This leaves the feature wide open in terms of possibilities. The possibilities are fairly endless at this point, and we'll make sure to give you more details about Cruise Ships as we know more.What do you think the Cruise Ships will do in CityVille?
At this point, the last thing Zynga would be giving away for free is an Unwither Clock to FarmVille players. Important side note: Just by playing The Game of the Day you will be entered into a monthly drawing to win a FlipCam HD. Brenda Brathwaite of Loot Drop said this in an interview with Inside Social Games recently. Brathwaite explained Loot Drop's approach to monetizing games with an odd if accurate analogy: "We're going for the mariachi's side of the street. Surely many of you buy the players guide every time a new Pokemon game releases (you can admit it, we're all friends here), so why not buy one for your favorite Facebook game. Zynga Japan's current CEO, Robert Goldberg, will soon be replaced by Kenji Matsubara formerly of Tecmo Koei, Gamesindustry.biz reports. Today Disney Cruise Line announced several additions coming later this year to the Disney Dream. A new themed area will be part of Disney’s Oceaneer Club, open to ages three to 12, placing guests aboard the Millennium Falcon in a play area inspired by the spacecraft.

The popular Jedi Training Academy experience is also coming to the Disney Dream, letting kids use the Force to face off against Darth Vader.
Adults sailing on the Dream will have a brief opportunity to explore the new Star Wars area in the Oceaneer Club when first stepping aboard the ship before it sets sail during an open house period. Also in the Oceaneer Club, a new space will be devoted to the popular video game Disney Infinity, with a complete set of character figures on display. The shop’s theme will resemble the candy land of the Sugar Rush race car game in “Wreck-It Ralph,” including a race track and checkerboard patterned floor, gas pump-style gumball dispensers, Vanellope’s race car and King Candy’s throne.
The makeover salon is coming to Deck 5 midship, just like it is located on the Disney Fantasy.
Also like on the Disney Fantasy, the Dream will receive an exclusive area for adults on Deck 13 forward – a water feature called Satellite Falls. Why are they making new renovations to a rather new ship, instead of some changes to the Wonder!? The Wonder is the only ship that can go through the Panama Canal until the Canal is made larger. Ship Simulator ExtremesCD or Download1525 MbExplore the Antarctic or take in beautiful Bora Bora.
Cruise Ship CaptainDownload24 MbCruise Ship Captain is a computer simulator and a learning tool allowing you to explore how a Captain or Harbor Pilot can maneuver the cruise ships.
Captain of the QueensDownload17 MbFor fans of of the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary I and the Queen Mary 2.
Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon Build, manage and operate the World's largest cruise companyRC Tugboat with Shooting Water Hose Remote Control Seaport Tug Boat with Real Shooting Water HoseOcean Express Pack puzzle pieces perfectly onboard the Ocean Express!1912 Titanic Mystery Titanic II is a replica of the famous cruise ship. We make them to make the best, most realistic, and most heart-stopping creations there are. It's unknown right now as to whether or not all of these items will be available on both farms, or if some will be locked to England, so keep that in mind.
For those unfamiliar with the latter, an Oast House is a building that's designed for drying Hops used in breweries. That prediction was all but confirmed this morning, as we've seen that the Sussex Chicken has already been given a home inside the Chicken Coop, as it is listed as the very last Chicken in the menu - as the level 18 Chicken, to be exact. We'll make sure to let you know if that's the case.Check out the rest of our English Countryside coverage right here.Will you purchase a Sussex Chicken in your English farm or your Home Farm?
According to a lone screenshot, Zynga will apparently start rolling out a Pause update to FarmVille, allowing users to choose whether or not to turn on Pause when switching from your Home Farm to the English Countryside (and vice versa), or to leave it off.
It could be that the feature is on such a slow roll-out that even the dedicated FarmVille forums users haven't picked up on it yet, or it could be a "coming soon" addition that just happened to leak via this new picture. According to a new pop-up you'll receive when logging into the game, the City Works building is essential for your town (although that's questionable, as you'll soon see), and comes with a high population boost to boot. You'll need to hammer the frame five times to complete its construction, but rather than collecting items to finish this one off, you'll need to go back to the friend recruitment method, adding a whopping 12 people (in total) to your Crew before the building can be opened. As for the part about the building being "essential" to your town - that is a bit questionable. Will Cruise Ships work just as regular boats, but they'll earn coins as citizens become tourists to other countries rather than producing Goods?
While it's not exactly shocking news, it sure gives us a better of idea of where most social game designers might be focused. But according to her, the biggest innovation has everything to do with increasing that 10 percent of paying customers without killing the fun of the game.
CityVille Info recently found a piece of software called the CityVille Domination Guide, which claims to improve your mayoral prowess for the limited time price of $27. The new chief executive will begin May 9, 2011, and Goldberg will hang back and advise Matsubara for a time.
26 four-night voyage from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.
Since growing up in Miami, Florida and ultimately moving to Orlando after college, Ricky has become an expert on Central Florida's many theme parks and attractions. The Magic is too long now with the addition of the duck tail that was added when is was in dry dock.

Discover hidden clues.Escape from Paradise Your luxury cruise ship crashes on an tropical island. Travel, Visit, join Activities, or socialize.» 1912 Titanic Mystery Titanic II is a replica of the famous cruise ship.
As Hops are a new crop in the English Countryside, this is an incredibly logical choice for a themed building, and if any item were to be locked to England, we'd imagine it would be this one. While the names for some of these items might be different in their final release, any of these items would make a lovely addition to either of your farms, but remember, if they are available for both and you want them on both, you'll need to purchase them twice as items can't be switched from one farm to the other. Or, could a new animal, like the Duck or Horse, be set to make an attempt for their own barnyard superiority?
We've contacted Zynga asking for official comment, and we'll make sure to update this space when we know more. You might be lucky enough to have the Director and Deputy Director's positions filled for you by "Bonus Crew," but otherwise, you'll be able to pay 2 City Cash per position, or send out individual gift requests to those friends that you think would be most likely to accept. There are no quests (currently) associated with building the City Works structure, and it doesn't seem to actually serve any function once it's been built. Or, could this be just the first glimpse we'll see of new lands that we'll be able to explore, using the Cruise Ship as a mode of travel?
This time, Zynga is offering 150 Farm Cash for players that sign up for Disney's Movie Club service.
According to the service's terms, you must agree to buy five DVDs through the service in the next year, which are $19.95 a piece. In other words, it would be safe to assume that innovations in the genre aren't coming in the form of interfaces or graphics, but in art style and payment models.
However, it's not all selfish intent--social games can't exist without successful, unobtrusive payment models, which seems to be exactly what Brathwaite is out to perfect. Granted, I have my doubts of this offer's legitimacy--nor would I recommend you rush to buy it either--but what about the guide books you can easily find in your nearest major bookstore? No other significant details were given, but we can imagine what the new CEO brings to the table: an intimate understanding of the Japanese gaming audience. Surely Matsubara will provide his expertise in the company's next project, which is unknown, but we can already imagine how Zynga Japan will celebrate its release.
The Disney Dream will continue to sail three- and four-night cruises from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas throughout 2015 and into 2016. It seems like this is really just one of those buildings that those who need a higher population would like to build, but everyone else should probably save their land for other things. Players have already reported the scam to FarmVille Freak, and clicking on the offer opens a page that looks nothing like the standard News Feed reward page. Just click on the link beneath the game screen that has a picture of Mike from Monsters Inc. However, tell that to studios like EA who seem to have embraced 3D graphics as the future of Facebook games. Our friends Kyle Orland and Angela Morales recently released their first guide through the established Dummies franchise, FarmVille for Dummies, with Orland working on a second book for CityVille. If you think just because you made alot more ships than us, doesn't mean you're better than us. Whatever you do, do not accept this offer, because who knows what's behind it (hint: malware). Afterward, you'll be shown a pop-up offering the 150 Farm Cash, so click on the big green button if you're interested. But if you're a hardcore Disney fan and itching for some Farm Cash, then no one is stopping you.

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