If you are looking for a proactive personal injury attorney in Miami you've come to the right place. Contact a Miami car accident lawyer right away if you have been involved in a car accident! The majority of slip and fall accidents are simply the unavoidable result of dangerous conditions that have been ignored or overlooked by a property owner, a business or its agents.
Miami is the cruise ship capital of the world, but if your dream cruise has turned into a nightmare, special laws, both federal and international govern injury and death claims at sea. We are skilled attorneys who understand how the justice system's rules and procedures work.
An Italian Cruise ship stuck on a sandbar beach off the west coast of Italy, Giglio – Tuscan Coast.
Joshua Hertz is a Personal injury lawyer that handle cases involving physical injuries such as neck injuries, back injuries, and catastrophic injuries as a result of car accidents. What many of this passengers don't know is that most cruise lines insert a one year statute of limitations clause in their contract of carriage or tickets. New laws are now in effect limiting the time you have, in which, to seek financial compensation for injuries as a result of a car, motorcycle, and even a truck accident. Careful investigation and detailed preparation are often the keys to success in a slip and fall injury case.

We will not hesitate to bring your case to trial in order to get the justice that you deserve.
It was carrying more than 4000 people; worker reported at least six people had killed in this accident.
We also deal with those suffering from nonphysical injuries such as emotional distress resulting from someone's negligent.
So if have been injured in cruise ship accident you need to contacts an experience Miami cruise ship accident attorney about their legal rights. With an experienced Miami based personal injury attorney on your side, you won't have to face the insurance company on your own.
If you are a cruise ship passenger or crew member injured on board you need an experienced Florida Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer. There are many Miami personal injury attorneys to choose from, but if you chose the Law Office of Joshua J.
However, we handle accidents of all types such as motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice and a handful of other types of cases.
Rest of travelers and crew members were taking to the tiny island of Giglio off the Tuscan coast of Italy and keep them in churches, school and homes. If a serious illness, injury or premature death was caused as a result of the carelessness of others, we will pursue accountability for their negligence.

Joshua Hertz is a Miami personal injury attorney with extensive experience in representing all types of accident cases specially those involving Slip and Fall Accidents. Unlike many Miami general practice law firms, we specialize in the area of Personal Injury Law and pride ourselves on gaining the most upright respect from our clients.
We are not only qualified but able to handle all types of personal injury cases including car crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, negligent security, cruise ship accidents, boating accidents, trip and falls, slip and falls, medical negligence, and other forms of general negligence.
We are a Miami based personal injury law firm, and we pride ourselves on being tough, aggressive and thorough. We believe in strong communication and strive to move cases along promptly, to a positive resolution. Marjorie Eloi says 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo of Liguria, Italy, died Sunday as a result of an apparent accident.

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