This is a review of our MSC Melody cruise to nowhere (more or less Mossel Bay), which left Cape Town on the 14th Jan and returned on the 17th Jan 2011. I like the fact that you can feel the roll of the MSC Melody in the waves of the ocean, and the hum of its engines.
We were initially meant to embark at 12h00, but due to the late arrival of the Melody we got an sms the night before the cruise, telling us that embarkation was being moved to 15h00.
Here's a photo of the tent on Table Bay Harbour's Eastern Mole, where the luggage is stacked (literally), before being moved aboard the MSC Melody cruise ship. Here's a tug fighting the swell in the harbour, and it was so windy that stones were used to hold down the cruise cards inside the tent.
If, like us, you have a long wait until you can board your cruise ship, I recommend the views at the end of this jetty on Table Bay Harbour's Eastern Mole. Because the winds were over 60 knots per hour, the Port of Cape Town was closed, and the ship eventually left the Port at 02h10 when the winds had died down. The cocktails seem to be made with syrups, so don't, for example, expect fresh strawberries with your strawberry dacquaries. Our cabin was a category 9 outside cabin, which appeared larger than those on the MSC Sinfonia cruise ship. Most of the way we found we could get cellphone reception, but 3G connections were less than intermittent.
The WIFI hotspot in the MSC Melody was expensive ($20 for 60 minutes) and offered a slow connection. Most people are aware of the black boxes in plans, and ships also have them - called Voyage Data Recorders (and like those in planes, they are orange, not black).
The boat eventually left Table Bay Harbour at 02:30am, at 0700am it passed Cape Hangklip, 1012am we passed Cape Aghulhas and at 1730pm we reached Mossel Bay. Activities included dance lessons, pilates, aerobics, stretching, general knowledge quizes, ball games, bingo, cinema and cabaret shows. Whilst watching us round Table Mountain at about 6am, a young man let me know that he'd only left the disko an hour ago. The pool was filled with salt sea water in Cape Town, so was pretty cool on the first day, but had warmed up by the last. On the morning of disembarking I got up at sparrow fart (we had to be out of our rooms at 7am), and wondered around the ship in a sleepy state, where I was half-dreaming half-awake (of course on a cruise the awake state is anyways similar to feeling dreamy). When we got to Cape Town, 2 tugboats engaged to pull us safely into Table Bay Harbour's Eastern Mole. Starlight Cruises emailed us the following terms and conditions, together with an electronic file containing our tickets (which we had to print out). NOTICE TO PASSENGER: Attached are your Board coupon, Passenger Ticket and (if contracted) Transfer Voucher.
2013 – Board Queen Victoria in Southampton for the first half of her circumnavigation before returning home on Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mary 2. 2014 – There are three combinations in all, and each completes a full world voyage from Southampton.
Any of the three ships can be boarded for the sailing down to Sydney, then there can be a period of 9, 12 or 14-days before the chosen return voyage departs, giving you time to visit friends and family, or to explore Australia more widely.
The homeward voyage from Sydney can be either with Queen Mary 2 via the Orient, Arabia and the Mediterranean, or aboard Queen Victoria, travelling in the opposite direction, port-hopping along the east coast of New Zealand before crossing the Pacific, passing through the Panama Canal and sailing Transatlantic back to Southampton.
Fancy taking in the sights of the world but don’t have the time to complete the full circle?
Green World Tours is the innovative programme of charitable and responsibly-based shore tours and activities designed to ‘give something back’ to towns and communities featured in its ships’ itineraries while simultaneously creating uniquely rewarding experiences for small groups of guests.

The Centre’s programme includes hatching turtles’ eggs and nurturing them in a protected area before returning them to the sea.
With all of the fine dining on offer, it’s easy to put on a few extra pounds during your cruise.
By booking early you will have preference over your stateroom choice and receive complimentary benefits such as On Board Credit. Available pre- or post- cruise in selected cities around the world, these tours give you the opportunity to spend a few days ashore discovering the highlights of your chosen region. Take in the highlights of Sydney, the Blue Mountains and a wine tour in Hunter Valley in our 4 night Sydney tour before joining Queen Elizabeth in 2014. There are many ways you can keep in contact with loved ones whilst cruising the world with us. On full World Voyages, Cunard will cover the cost of guest dining and hotel gratuities on board. Transatlantic crossings (we have made 3) are the absolutely perfect way to arrive in Europe for business or tourism without suffering jet lag. Many moons ago (around 20 years ago) we worked on the Cunard Countess & Princess together. I’m sure many of the people I knew and worked with have scattered over the four corners of the globe, but it would be nice to see a few familar faces from the past. We saw that is was boked in the inside in Queen mary 2 in May and the other classes was too expensive. David, it has been a long time and many 1000′s of people later so do not expect you or Chief Engineer Andy to remember a relief Technical secretary however it will be such fun to see familiar faces and share stories of our lives. After years of lobbying by government officials and the private sector, TransNet has given the go-ahead for construction of Cape Town’s first dedicated cruise ship terminal. The city is, however, largely unable to satisfactorily accommodate cruise ships due to a lack of official facilities. That is all set to change, however, with the construction of a new dedicated cruise terminal in the city within the next two years. We're happy to report that embarkation procedures at the Port of Cape Town have improved substantially since the review was written. Some of the larger cruise ships are just too stable, to the extent that you don't develop sea legs (i.e. Embarkation took place at the Eastern Mole of Table Bay Harbour (turn-off near the Royal Cape Yacht Club), which contrasted starkly with the previous embarkation point at the V&A Waterfront part of Cape Town harbour, in front of the Table Bay Hotel (see photos of MSC Rhapsody cruising into Cape Town).
To make up for the delays, they offered free cocktails in the lounges between 10pm and 10:30pm. Unfortuanately, some of my email accounts were blocked from downloading their emails - I suspect that they are blocking what they consider to be non-standard ports (for whatever reason, most likely security). Wind speed was 70 knots and we cruised through 4m high swells (sea was too rough to go out and sea Mossel Bay).
Before accepting them, carefully read all the terms of the following Passenger Contract which contains important conditions and limitations. Here's the Nova Era, a bulk cargo ship I spotted some 50 nautical miles outside Cape Town (in January 2015). Stay on board from 8 -75 nights on our World Voyage sectors.  Embark from great cities of the world such as New York, Sydney, Cape Town or Hong Kong. There are lots of wonderful and different Green Tours during a World Cruise, including the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre tour in Laem Chabang.
Each of our ships has a modern gym and fitness centre with many classes you can find ashore.

For those who like to bring outfits for all eventualities, our staterooms have plenty of storage space for your cases and belongings, and the luxury of a voyage with no flights means you don’t have airline baggage restrictions to adhere to. Each of our ships has an excellent library on board, with Queen Mary 2’s being the largest at sea. This is money for you to spend on board during your voyage and can be used towards shore excursions, spa treatments or your favourite Commodore Club cocktails! Use our authentic British post box on board Queen Mary 2 to send postcards and letters, connect to the ship’s wifi from your stateroom, any of the public rooms or Internet Centres, or use your mobile phone on board or in port. There are plenty of activities if you want them, endless fresh air on decks, and great food in any of the dining rooms. The cruise liner industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism sectors due to it being both affordable and adaptable to changing market needs. Due to be constructed at berth E, the cruise terminal will comprise modern baggage-handling facilities, customs facilities, as well as ablutions and other amenities present in cruise terminals the world over.
Keep visiting our blog as we will be sure to post any renderings and updates on construction of this property that has the potential to unlock many benefits. The cruises to nowhere from Cape Town are extremely popular and normally sells out months before departure.
Our room was kept clean and tidy by a friendly fellow by the name of Ricorbert (spelling?) from Madagascar.
Clauses 20 to 26 set out some of your rights, MSC Crociere?s limitations of liability, court jurisdiction and time limits to file claims or to bring suit.
Many of our guests also choose to jog or walk around the outside decks, 3 laps around Queen Mary 2’s deck equates to 1 mile and you may even spot some marine life! For those who like to travel lighter, we have guest launderettes on most passenger decks, as well as a dry cleaning service.
There are hundreds of books for you to enjoy, including reference port guides to help you research the destinations that await you. You can visit Table Mountain, Cape Point and Cape Town in our 3 night Cape Town tour before joining your ship. Your friends and family can always follow your journey live on our ships webcams, make sure you let them know when you’re sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge or into Sydney Harbour!
Is not a world cruise but is it a little trip, but I most be very kind to mum if we should do it. Cape Town has largely benefited from this, with 19 cruise liners visiting its shores in 2011, bringing with them over 11 000 passengers and additional staff.
The spin-offs from this are set to benefit everything from the tourism sector to the property sector. Gents are also able to hire their formal wear from our on board shops, which some choose to do mid-voyage after a few too many Afternoon Teas!
An increase in tourists arriving to the city as a result of an efficient on-ground cruise experience will no doubt create higher demand for retail property and other properties within the area. There are lots of healthy dining options and each lunch and dinner menu includes our spa menu options. Already the V&A Waterfront is placing much focus on improving the Clocktower area with construction of No 1 Silo and many other planned developments. The cruise terminal would be located close to the Clocktower precinct, which could end up linking well with the V&A Waterfront and the greater city as a whole, creating a new development corridor.

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